04-08-2010: Criminal Congressional Enterprise

How is it that any “normal” private company vying for a Federal contract or participating in a Federally funded project must comply with multitudinous Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) regulations, but the Federal government itself and our Congress itself does not? A private corporation working for the government is liable to the full extent of the law for discrimination of virtually any kind, but our U.S. Congress actually employs discrimination as an official means of social and political control. Why do “we the people” stand for this? Why is our Congress and Federal government exempt from its own laws? This in itself is discrimination against “we the people”. This in itself renders our own Federal government a potential enemy of the people.


TAX CODE: Nearly 50% of United States citizens pay no income tax what-so-ever. With the soon to be passage of amnesty for illegals this percentage will climb to between 50% and 60% or more. Obviously, at this point the voting block size of government dependent voters will overwhelm the voting block size of property owning, working U.S. citizens who pay 100% of everything and will for all practical purposes be 100% disenfranchised. If this isn’t discrimination, what is? All tax payers in this country should pay a uniform sales tax or flat tax. Period. Why is it legal for our government to illegally and discriminately employ the U.S. tax code for the purpose of building partisan voting constituencies for the maintenance of political power?

HEALTH CARE: Any officers of a publicly traded corporation letting an offering as openly and fragrantly fraudulent as the recently approved 2010 Health Care bill would go straight to prison without passing go and without obtaining a get-out-of-jail-free card. Our Senators and Congressman, however, are free to openly and flagrantly lie and misrepresent while remaining exempt from any legal and fiduciary liability whatever. A private company putting out a public stock offering on the basis of a Proforma including 10 years of revenue against 6 years of expense; then cleverly stating that this company was expected to be profitable would land the corporation officers in jail. What on earth is going on here?

It is important that “we the people” demand accountability from our elected representatives and that those representatives be held to the same standards of law that any ordinary citizen is held to. All government departments, agencies, regulations and legislation must be developed and maintained under “Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP). No exceptions including the Federal Reserve Banking criminal enterprise along with its privately owned, for profit, Internal Revenue (Collections) Service. GAAP OR BUST!


PROCUREMENT: Federal procurement rules for Federal government contracts require an “open bid” process. Why are the Federal Reserve System, Internal Revenue Service, Social Security System and Central Intelligence Agency, all of which are privately owned, Delaware corporations exempt from this rule? Obviously, any bank in the world granted federal license to create currency from thin air and charge interest for it would be capable and pleased to provide the services the Federal Reserve Bank families provide. Actually, you or I could easily do this from the living room of our homes. I could start issuing currency tomorrow and I’ll happily bear the expense of paper and ink. This is discrimination at best and criminal collusion at worst. If “we the people” are foolish enough (against Thomas Jefferson’s better judgment) to turn over our money supply to corrupt, private families, the service should at least be “publicly bid” on a periodic basis.

STIMULUS / PORK AND OTHER FEDERAL GIFTS: The so-called stimulus bill has created a perpetual, rolling “slush fund” for the indiscriminate use of irresponsible, elected officials to use monies stolen from the tax payers to provide gifts to political supporters and other favored parties for any arbitrary reason or purpose they can dream up. This is discrimination and abuse of power coupled with violation of fiduciary responsibility to the tax payers themselves at a scale hard to imagine. This is discrimination bordering on criminal mis-use of funds. The Federal tax code is used in much the same way.

The examples of Federal government discrimination are endless. Some are harmful and some are not. All Federal discrimination must be stopped and elected officials held accountable to “we the people”. It is time for the average American citizen to stop being duped.


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