04-12-2010: The Congress on the Corner

It is becoming increasingly difficult to even imagine the U.S. as a continuing world power. Obama is more interested in pick-up hoop games and touring in the people’s jet than embracing executive competence. He is at best an arrogant punk jousting at manhood, much like a first grader hopelessly imitating the 8th graders, but never quite pulling it off. What is supposed to be our Congress could just as easily pass for a hustling group of low class, street hookers shaking their behinds on the corner, trying to attract the highest bidder for services rendered. Unfortunately the relentless short skirt competition continually cheapens the street market price structure thereby sinking America ever deeper into the murky gutter of political indolence with each new election.

Borat’s Kazakhstan has now surpassed the U.S. in global credit worthiness and yet our Congress struts and preens before the cameras as though the U.S. still amounts to anything more than a pathetic banana republic sporting central banking’s private police force. Sorry – I don’t mean to insult other banana republics, some of which are actually seeking legitimacy. Our Speaker of The House marched hand in hand with her frozen, camera ready smirk, cartoon gavel and her loyal fools court proudly reliving the ’60’s as though collective ruling stupidity is a reason for holding one’s head high. These pathetic, weak kneed liars even claimed to be spit upon by Tea Party Grandmothers, yet on all the film taken, not one Democratically castrated black man wiped his face – not once. I guess the days of noble courage and misguided ideology have limped past the 60’s generation like a wraith in the night…or maybe our colored Congressman have taken a sudden liking to holding spittle on their faces as they quietly follow in Nancie’s plantation foot prints.

With today’s AAA credit rating hanging by a worn Iranian rug thread, projections show the U.S. debt soaring past 90% of GDP within ten years. Our Street corner Congress is making sure our AAA rating will soon be graded down, with the resultant increase in annual debt interest surging past the 90% GDP mark much more quickly. The pathetic fools in the Senate will soon vote, without reading anything, I’m sure, on Obama’s new Nuclear Treaty so we can level the world power playing field. World War III will be much more fun if America guts her power thereby setting 308 million Americans against 1.5 billion Muslims and 1.6 billion Chinese. Not hard to figure this one out is it? Yet O’Reilly and other fools still persist in selling the fatuous idea that it doesn’t matter that Obama was born in Kenya, is Islamic, not American and rather obviously is actively doing everything he can to destroy the U.S. Give him some time – be fair. Let me know later on how that works out for you, Bill. What is it they say? A sucker is born every minute.

If the Tea Party fails to bring genuine DNC and RNC candidates to the table our kids will be sentenced to the mindless hell that the collectivist, hope murdering maze not only promises, but consistently delivers. The folks in Russia, China and Cuba are shaking their heads, watching in utter amazement as the American people willingly vote themselves out of freedom and the pursuit of excellence and into the shock and awe of Marxist depravity and failure.

All I have to say at this point is, “When the Council On Foreign Relations (CFR) says something is good for you – run the other way – quickly.”


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