04-20-2010: 2010 Financial Reform Equals Greater Shapeshifter Scam Than 1913

Quote By Woodrow Wilson:
“I am a most unhappy man. I have unwittingly ruined my country. A great industrial nation is controlled by its system of credit. Our system of credit is concentrated. The growth of the nation, therefore, and all our activities are in the hands of a few men. We have come to be one of the worst ruled, one of the most completely controlled and dominated governments in the civilized world. No longer a government by free opinion, no longer a government by conviction and the vote of the majority, but a government by the opinion and duress of a small group of dominant men.”

The above quote is in regard to the then newly formed, privately owned, Federal Reserve Banking System criminal enterprise. If you comprehend the meaning of the above quote you will then understand why I have christened the international criminal elite scum of central banking the “Shapeshifter”. (Refer to the Gauntlet series of Chronicles.) These twisted inhuman monsters have developed an incredible ability since the Jekyll Island meeting in 1910 (the conceptual birth of the U.S. Federal Reserve System) to appear as all things to all people. Left, right, liberal, conservative; in any case all ideologies cleverly led by the nose along different tracks with entirely different language and ideals to exactly the same destination; the slave plantation of the uber rich.

A small group of men, greedy beyond human comprehension, led by Mayer Amshel Rothschild (Bauer), began planning in the mid 1770’s how to control all people and all wealth on planet earth. The United States became a special control problem for them beginning in 1776, but really took center stage following the Constitutional Convention and the creation of the U.S. Constitutional Republic, which was agreed upon and signed on September 17, 1787. This form of government makes it impossible to form a dictatorship unless the people fall into a coma.

This demented group of family leaders and ever since their even sicker heirs have schemed to bring Mayer’s nightmare to reality. This reality is two classes of people. The uber rich international elite and their slaves. Period. No independent minded middle class or any other pesky groups to be allowed in between wannabe master and slave. The tool of choice to accomplish this goal is the clever play between socialism and capitalism. Simple divide and conquer strategy with both sides ultimately leading directly to voluntary enslavement in today’s world, although as we saw in Russia, China and Cuba, not always voluntary.

The mostly silly quacking heads we rely on for much of our political information are either fully complicit through their brainwashing at the Council On Foreign Relations (CFR) or hopelessly uneducated with regard to the despicable goals of international central banking families. For example, you hear repeated over and over on the 24-hour cable news about health care instituting the socialist re-distribution of wealth. This babbling is in-excusable ignorance bordering on negligence or maybe even complicit criminality. Socialism is never about “sharing” the wealth or redistributing it. That’s just the sales pitch to the naive. Socialism is always about “controlling” the wealth; about taking the wealth. These quacking heads are fools in nice clothes speaking from behind imposing desks as experts on subjects they truly know nothing about. If I am wrong, then they are simple straight forward liars.

Socialism is the tool of central banking choice because by forming centralized governmental control over a population, the bankers need only control their leadership pawn. The pawn can be Jimmy Carter (Trilateral Commission pawn) or Richard Nixon, who was destroyed for non-compliance and replaced by Lyndon B. Johnson (both Council On Foreign Relation’s pawns) or Barack Obama (Bilderberg Group pawn). It makes no difference. The pawn’s language is meaningless. It’s just all lies to instill confidence as the sheeple are lead ever closer to complete domination by their clever little wannabe banking masters. As long as the ignorant sheeple continue saying “YES”, they are ultimately doomed to indentured servitude. A simple “NO” stops the entire game in its tracks.

This is why the state indoctrinated media hate the Tea Party. The Tea Party has stood up on their once free legs and said “NO”. The entire central banking system in collusion with our hapless bank controlled Federal government is now scared to death that for the first time since 1913, they are about to be caught with both greedy hands in “we the people’s” cookie jar. Once caught, the game may be up. The financial elite are desperate to tie the Tea Party to something identifiable so it can be alienated, demonized and destroyed – but so far – it hasn’t been able to work its typical lying magic. The Tea Party is not Republican or Democrat or Independent. The Tea Party is grass roots, down to earth American and that includes any American of any political persuasion who treasures individual freedom. Their are many other growing groups awakening alongside the Tea Party, such as AS A MOM.

This ruthless group of international financial criminals, many lauded in history as great philanthropists, such as David Rockefeller, have burrowed deeply and quietly into their happy little parasitical apple composed of international banking, led by the powerful Bank of England – a Rothschild family enterprise. In 1913 the gullible people of the United States were sold the Federal Reserve Banking System as the way to restrain unbridled financial power. The true purpose of the Federal Reserve Act, along with its first cousin the progressive income tax was , of course, to fully grant unbridled private banking access to tax payer wealth. The people were not protected; they were given up by their own elected officials. Never ending manipulated up and down economic cycles cleverly and ruthlessly engineered for private insider profit have been endemic ever since, along with the profit generating power of bloody World Wars.

The other endemic leeching objective is simple compounded interest payments to these private banking families on every single dollar of Federal government debt, including on currency created from thin air. Debt and endless interest payments to private international banking families are the real reason for our proposed government health care take over. It has nothing to do with your health. It has everything to do with what should be your own hard earned money. The same is true for war. No Fed, no war. The same is true for virtually every proposed government program. More debt – more interest payments to central banking families. Not nearly as difficult to figure out as the quacking heads make it out to be.

There is nothing more complicated than simple greed going on here in spite of what the infantile quacking heads are babbling about. If you want to believe the state indoctrinated media in stating that the Tea Party is about race or some other ignorant fantasy; well, go ahead. The simple truth is that our reality is simply whatever we choose to identify with…at least that’s what Deepak Chopra teaches and I think he’s probably got it right.

Proposed 2010 financial reform is the finishing touch to the original Federal Reserve scam. Private banking greed mongers obtained direct access to your money through passage of the progressive income tax in 1913 and later obtained a protected vault to put your money, now their money, in through the Federal Reserve Act passed on December 23, 1913. This vicious Act was passed while most of Congress was away for the Christmas holiday (feel familiar). This backward, fuedal legislation gave them, the international financial elite, access to your wealth, but not a guarantee that they could take it at will.

Now they want the gaurantee and your elected representatives are jumping in to help. The 2010 Financial Reform scam as proposed; under the well used guise of protecting us from those evil bankers; will actually grant this highly desired guarantee to the evil bankers on a silver platter; the guarantee being that all central banking risk, but none of the profit shall be borne forever by the witless tax payers of the United States. These financial elite will also be able to take over any private competitor they desire with the stroke of an illegal pen. We have no real business competition on a global scale now. This preposterous reform will eliminate all unwanted competition for the world’s elite completely – just as depraved Mayer Amshel Rothschild dreamed of, so long ago. What a business. What a mind boggling swindle our elected representatives are putting together to sell us. If you still believe we have free enterprise or that your government represents “we the people”; well, I’m sorry, but you are quite hopelessly ignorant and have willingly set yourself up as the perfect stooge. You can expect to be taken advantage of and you will likely not be disappointed.

Your tax dollars are not even deposited in the U.S. Treasury. Your hard earned dollars are collected by the IRS, another privately owned “for profit” Delaware corporation owned by these same banking families and deposited quickly into privately held accounts at the privately owned and operated Federal Reserve Bank. The Federal Reserve Bank does not operate at the behest of the United States government. Quite the contrary. We have been fools for a very long time. The question is: are we going to remain fools? If you want to be free – consider drinking some Tea with your friends at a local Tea Party event. Tea is supposed to be good for colds; maybe we’re lucky and it turns out to be bad for central banker’s greed disease as well.

Always remember, “Violence is the last alternative to impotence”. Please do not allow yourself to become politically impotent.


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