04-22-2010: 2010 Financial Scam is Nail In The Coffin of Free Enterprise

In 1913 international banking took full control of our wealth, government and people through the privately owned, criminal Federal Reserve Bank enterprise and the Federal progressive income tax. The international financial elite did not, however, to their chagrin, get a full guarantee of unlimited access to the people’s money and wealth. The international financial elite took control of our wealth and the future of the United States by using the corrupt and rather ignorant Woodrow Wilson to sell their Globalist plan as “necessary protection” for the people.

Finally, nearly 100 years later, 2010 financial reform, once again under the deceitful ruse of “necessarily protecting” the people will now finally “guarantee” that international banking families can take the people’s money “at will”. It will also guarantee the elimination of any unwanted competition with the stroke of an insider pen. As John D. Rockefeller famously stated, “Competition is a sin”. It has taken the international banking elite nearly 100 years to purchase the soul of another U.S. President ignorant and corrupt enough to do their evil bidding without question, but Barack Obama has sunk to the occasion in heroic and well paid fashion. Unfortunately for “we the people” our U.S. Congress is in the latrine along with him.

This proposed financial reform is the final nail in the U.S. free enterprise coffin. It is the culmination and the frosting on the cake of the greatest financial scam in world history. It has taken nearly 100 years of the Progressive dumbing down of our educational system to produce a group of uninformed voters foolish enough to believe this is a good thing for them.

Any bought and paid for politician who votes for this greedy scam should be removed from office and persecuted for ethics violations.

I know, I know. What ethics? Who am I kidding?

I seriously doubt these United States are capable of self governance any longer. What have we done to our children?


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