04-26-2010: Washington D.C. – Scam Central

It is an unseemly affront to human dignity and decency, that any man or woman attempting to support their loving family must slink through the desert night along with drug smugglers and human traffickers as common criminals in attempting to find meaningful work. It is also an affront to human dignity that the highly corrupt U.S. and Mexican governments, between them, are criminally unwilling to devise an intelligent, workable solution to the spontaneous invasion of the U.S. southern border now cremating the base wages of workers across the entire country.

The U.S. southern door must be closed so that it can be re-opened in an organized, humane fashion. The illegal folks who have been tricked into living in the U.S. illegally and LED TO BELIEVE that this is OK (or has been OK), must be dealt with in a fair and decent manner. This mess is entirely the fault of the incompetent American government, which has clearly become too large and too corrupt to succeed. States Right’s are the answer!

Unfortunately, for our new southern immigrants there is no talk in Congress of doing anything fair and equitable. Fair and equitable is not on the table. The only talk on the table is of self aggrandizing political benefit for incumbent politicians, most of whom daily violate their oaths of office in flagrant dereliction of their Constitutional Responsibility to “we the people”; which someday was supposed to protect and defend many of these same immigrants as they legally become citizens.

Firmly on the table in Washington D.C. is only one, selfishly, single minded conversation. That obsessive and dangerous conversation is the Obama Regime’s plan to boost the size of the welfare voting block in America to greater than 50% through the illegal patronship purchased via a subverted form of amnesty. Once accomplished, this insidious Regime Plan will completely disenfranchise the American middle class and will destroy any hope for a decent future for these same immigrants who are cruelly being used for their own demise by greedy, elitist politicians. Never underestimate the propensity for corrupt politicians to do the wrong thing. In this they tend to be consistent.

Those who ignorantly or maliciously accuse Arizonans of racism against the Mexican people playing such an important role in our everyday Sonoran lives, put their own accusatory selves on display as the racist bigots they accuse others of being. Arizonans, and that includes Arizonans of Mexican and Native American descent will always stand together against a cruel and demeaning system that doesn’t work for anyone other than hopelessly lost politicians. The very suggestion by the ignorant President of these United States, that the citizens of Arizona have no right to defend themselves, provides a declarative proof as to why America is no longer capable of self governance under Regime leadership such as that so poorly provided over the last 100 years or so by both the irresponsible Republican and Democrat Parties.


The Federal government of the United States through criminal intent on behalf of the owners of the Federal Reserve Banking System alongside bad regulation driven by Congressional greed and the endemic weakness of corruption directly caused the economic collapse of 2008 by creating conditions favorable to the rampant thriving of greed by those participatory in the global financial system. The press aided and abetted every step of the toxic way since 1976, when this grandiose plan began unfolding under the hapless Jimmy Carter (Obama I) Administration.

Now in 2010, Chairman Obama and his arrogant Comintern (once our elected Congress) are preparing to shove the banking cake’s illegal frosting rudely down the already dry throats of the American people. If the American people have any thought process remaining after the 100-year onslaught of American mis-education they will choke and choke mightily on this poisonous frosting. The vacuous, though vociferous public thrashing by our cowardly Congress and the deceitful White House of the big international banks is nothing more than cheap seat entertainment for the uninformed American voter. The practical purpose of “financial reform” under the guise of protecting the tax payer is to transfer all banking risk to the fatuous tax payer forever, along with creating a governmental machine to be used for “legally” crushing unwanted competition of the international financial elite. You might say, without exaggeration, that Obama’s financial reform is the final nail in your American freedom coffin. It is the end of the American Dream.

This so-called reform is a global banker’s gift, not a punishment. It is truly an insipid international financier’s dream come true. It is the tasty frosting on the privately owned Federal Reserve cake. It is the long desired demise; the death of “free enterprise” as it was known prior to 1913. We haven’t seen free enterprise on any scale since the formation of the Federal Reserve Banks in 1913. When your bank owned politicians are done later this year – you will never see it again – not without bloodshed. We will quickly see our internet and freedom of speech obliterated under the ruse of “protecting” us from ourselves. The insipid VAT tax – financial reform’s inbred sister, piled on top of our already confiscatory middle class taxation will render it impossible for anyone outside the “elite” to accumulate wealth.

While the Democrats evilly castigate the hapless Republicans for crony Banksterism, they, themselves clearly demonstrate that “we the people” no longer have any political party representing us. We The People are on our own without even the pretense of representation by either party. Our Federal government has been bought and paid for by a very few families wielding international financial and therefore international political clout.

Every member of Congress voting for this parasitical breach of contract with the American people should be punished to the maximum extent of the law for their very personal and intentional violation of their Constitutional duty to protect and defend. I am ashamed to be an American for the first time in my life and I am 58-years young. What horrible and irresponsible thing are we doing to our once free children, that for the first time in her adult life makes Marxist Michelle Obama proud?

Always remember: “Violence is the last alternative to impotence.” Please do not allow yourself to become intellectually or politically impotent. Vote knowledgeably!


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