04-29-2010: Progressive Racism Used to Boost NAU

There are three reasons and three reasons only why the George W. Bush Administration and now the Barack Hussein Obama Administration will not secure the U.S. / Mexican border. From the Bilderberg Group Steering Committee on down through the Council On Foreign Relations (CFR), etc. the Globalist, One World schedule called for Canada, The United States and Mexico to form the North American Union (NAU) in 2010. The 2010 mile stone was missed and international banksters are upset. U.S. sovereignty was supposed to be soundly headed for the toilet and the pesky independent middle class meekly convalescent about their new feudal serfdom status. This plan is not going well for the Rockefellers and other traitors to our country.

The international financial elite believe any border security improvements at all along the U.S. Southern border will set their collectivist, domination schedule back even further by creating or at least reinforcing a psychological barrier between Mexico and the U.S. This would hinder the NAU scam. This is so important that even Karl Rove, a favored pet of the Council On Foreign Relations (CFR) is now openly defending Chairman Obama against the State of Arizona in its quest to protect its citizens. Karl, The Architect, was quite impressive on Fox’s O’Reilly this evening. It probably sent a chill up the collective pant’s legs over at CFR and the Trilateral Commission.

Secondly, increased border security along the Mexican border will decrease drug trafficking to the world’s largest single market – that is – the United States of America. The money laundering business serviced by our civic minded central banking families as results from illegal drug trafficking is worth nearly $1.5 trillion dollars annually. This is their “crimson coin” and they don’t want it diminished – not even a little. {I pilfered the “crimson coin” term from a lyric by a metal band called the Knights of the Abyss.}

Thirdly, chaos is a valued tool for wearing down and demoralizing the dumbed down American voter. The cultural pathology resulting from endemic societal substance abuse, drug related violence, home invasions, car jackings, burglaries, destruction of the family and a generalized pervasive fear, etc. are precious commodities to the banksters. When cleverly managed chaos levels become sufficiently high the American populace will scream for relief. At this point the Federal government jumps in with its collectivist hob nailed boots and trashes a little more freedom under the allusion of help.

For what its worth, the reason for the planned and orchestrated economic meltdown of 2008 and the tremendous Federal effort to force the U.S. economy from recession to depression is also due to reason three above. Once the American middle class has been sufficiently damaged and broken we will be expected to beg for mercy. At that point your wonderful banksters will come to the rescue and explain why and how it is that the U.S. can no longer compete with China, India and the European Union on equal footing. The North American Union will have to finally be formed to save the day and level the playing field. It is America’s only path to economic salvation they will say. You must admit – its quite a nice little package really – if you’re into destroying people so you can buy a bigger yacht.

To the point then. In Arizona a high percentage of our emergency services personnel comprising fire, police, sheriff and Department of Public Safety are Latino. Do you honestly believe mega-liar Obama or any of his mindless, racist minions when they suggest that our Arizona Latinos are now preparing to go out and illegally profile themselves? If you do, I’m sorry, but you’re pretty stupid. This isn’t worth a serious conversation.

The new Arizona law simply mimics the same language in the existing Federal law, which the Bilderberg Group will not allow our Federal elected officials to enforce if they want continued financial support for their future campaigns. The Federal government of these once United States has degenerated into a wholly owned and operated subsidiary of the criminal Federal Reserve Banking enterprise. Until we begin to understand and accept this simple fact, nothing you see or hear in American politics can make any sense. Once you begin to get your arms around this simple fact, which began in earnest in 1913; everything will become obvious and will start making perfect sense.

Your elected officials do not represent you. They represent the international financial elite who has bought them. Most of our Federal elected officials are too reality challenged to grasp what has been done to them, how they are manipulated and who, ultimately they work for. The typical elected official today, is quite frankly an unimaginative, rather stupid, immoral individual who is easily led as opposed to leading…and these lame officials are practically geniuses when compared to today’s average voter. Sorry, but the proof is in the voting booth isn’t it?

If you’re still reading, you now understand what the shrill Progressive cries of “Racism in Arizona” are all about. They are protecting the valuable future of the NAU and are too ignorant and uninformed to realize they are being used for a purpose they likely don’t even know exists. America is now on the firmest of banana republic footing along with Cuba, Columbia and Venezuela although they are slightly ahead of us. If we just give the incompetent Obama Administration a little more time, however, I’m sure they can lead our surge to the front of the banana republic line.


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