05-31-2010: In Memorium of Our Constitutional Republic and Those Who Gave All For It

On September 17, 1787 our Founders including a weary Ben Franklin, who signed, with help, through teary, near bed ridden eyes, the newly created U.S. Constitution and when shakily finished, famously stated, ” I now know that the sun carved in the chair of George Washington is a rising sun and not a setting sun.” Mr. Franklin was so ill, he had to be carried from Independence Hall that fateful Philadelphia day. Upon leaving the Hall, Mr. Franklin was approached by the wife of Philadelphia’s mayor who asked, “Sir, what form of government have you given us?” Ben answered, “A Republic Ma’am, if you can keep it.”

Thus, in 1776 a Constitutional Republic founded upon centuries old, tried and true, Judeo/Christian, Rule of Law was created by a group of brave souls who dedicated their lives, families and blood to freedom, individual liberty, spiritual well being and basic human decency. This Republic is known as the United States of America. The United States of America is not land. It isn’t even just a government. It is a spiritual concept designed to promote and protect human dignity within the deep well of of love, equality and law intended by our Creator, of which or whom we are each an inseparable part. I believe the U.S. has been “blessed” since its founding due entirely to the principles upon which she was founded. The U.S. has been under the protection of the universe ever since it was created and has functioned freely, generously and powerfully under the auspices of good karmic energy. It was and still is a landmark concept in government of, by and for the people in union with their Creator as Managing Partner.

The freedom of the United States was not given, nor granted. It was strenuously fought for, bled for, sacrificed for and finally against all odds – TAKEN – both at the time of its bloody creation and ever since. Many of us today have long since forgotten or perhaps never even learned within our now putrid, Progressive school systems that freedom is never given. It is only taken; and always taken at great personal expense including life itself.

The Constitutional Republic known as the United States under whose protective umbrella many of us have been privileged to be born within, does not purport to grant us rights. It simply recognizes those unalienable rights we already have by virtue of our creation and our relationship with our Infinite Creator; and it seeks to protect and defend those rights. It is a government and Rule of Law establishing and upholding equal justice and equality of opportunity. This good and wholesome system, though far from perfect has proven to be the most successful, prosperous and nurturing form of government ever known on earth. For this, she has been under attack since the day she was born.

Today, more than ever before, Ben Franklin’s answer to the Philadelphia Mayor’s wife rings loudly, not unlike the Freedom Bell itself, as a historic wake up call to every American who ever has or who still may cherish individual freedom and liberty. Godless, Souless,Marxism, under the well dressed farce of social justice in place of equal justice; or the pretend, well intended cloak of so called fairness, environmentalism, sexism, racism, class warfare and many other divisive concepts seeks not to unite, but to divide and conquer “we the people” through an insidious, deceptive and utterly destructive “better idea”.

Dr. Michael Savage has stated that “liberalism is a mental disorder”. Dr. Savage is correct. Marxism, liberalism, Progressivism or whatever nonsensical name you choose to call this virulent disease attacking the intelligent mind, is in fact a raging black plague, trampling rational thought, mocking common sense, spitting on human dignity, that is now developing a cavernous appetite for your personal freedom and the well being of your family and future. This disease has entered into the people’s White House; the Supreme Court; the Senate; and our House of Representatives; not to mention our State and local governments and schools. All three self checking and self balancing branches of “we the people’s” precious Federal government are now putrescently rotting from the inside with the insatiable infection OF GLOBAL GOVERNANCE as so cleverly, expertly driven by the international financial elite in their quest for world dominance of all wealth and all people at any price.

GLOBAL GOVERNANCE is your ticket to the pernicious death of personal freedom, human dignity, the pursuit of excellence, spiritual well being and your familly’s future. GLOBAL GOVERNANCE, the evil step child of Mayer Amshel Rothschild (Bauer) is running rough shod over the entire world promising everything to everyone, but like its always failing step sister, socialism, providing nothing but pain, loss, subjugation and the culture of death. Once infected the disease becomes unrecognizable to one’s self and places your very soul in jepordy. Liberalism is a multi-colored disease of the human soul devouring personal responsibility and soiling human dignity under the illusion of “social justice” replacing equal justice as a better idea. This murderous delusion threatens every decent, good thing in this world. It is a totally false promise of startling proportions. Yet millions are infected every day in spite of its obvious failure every where tried in the world.

We honor those fallen today who willingly gave their lives as an act of love in defense of our unalienable rights. While doing so, let us not forget that the Republic itself is under brutal attack from the inside by insidiously infected soft sellers, who will tell any lie to hand our Republic back to the Bank of England and the feudal barons who would rule the world under GLOBAL GOVERNANCE. Please do not allow our fallen heroes to have died in vain. Do your citizen’s duty and do your homework. Vote responsibly.

Please investigate the simple fact that the Democrat and Republican Parties have become two sides of the same coin, held solidly by the same international hand of greed; each using very different rhetoric to portray substantially false choices, all leading directly to the diminution of your personal freedom and dignity. The cure for this rampant disease is honest evaluation and a knowledgeable vote. Get rid of career politicians. Vote in new blood and keep it new. Honor our founding principles and we cannot go wrong. Bush – Obama – Democrat or Republican – it doesn’t matter. The same money controls all and can only be eliminated by our own intelligent observation and choices as guided by the hand of our infinite Creator, by whose cumulative power we will stand against all evil. As Pope John Paul II said, “BE NOT AFRAID.”

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