06-13-2010: Energy Spill Charade

It ought be evident to anyone not in a television induced coma that although the Bush/Cheney crowd sleep with oil folk; Chairman Obama is fed, dressed and fully lubricated by same with charlatans such as Al Gore serving as cute, little overfed Chambermaids. We are living the perfect example of crisis serving as ideological fodder for aggressive financial gain. Solutions matter not. The issue is everything and will be milked to its fullest possible extent, regardless the cost or suffering and will be blamed entirely and conveniently on the poor, hapless George W. Bush Administration.

The indolent, confused and consistently opaque Obama Administration will take a painful break from its endless golf game and the Wednesday evening party schedule to assure the nearly comatose American voter that our always ready and capable Federal government is poised to severely regulate those damned energy companies and prevent them from destroying planet earth. They will neglect to mention that off-shore drilling is already the most heavily regulated, governmentally micro-managed industry on earth. As in finance, government regulation is a significant part of the problem – and the cost – and the profit of these companies – certainly not the solution. Obama will further interrupt his busy golf itinerary by wasting several million more tax payer dollars on flying Air Force One and his retinue to ridiculous beach photo ops where he vacantly and uselessly fingers well oiled beach sand, while knitting his brow in an attempt to appear concerned and at least marginally intelligent.

The always prostitute Obama Administration will finally begin its public campaign to increase regulatory control of the energy companies this Tuesday evening with a teleprompted Savior speech assuring the gullible viewing audience that we and the precious environment are soon to be heroically protected via vast increases in Federal regulatory control over the evil oil companies; especially and specifically BP, who donated more money to the Obama campaign than to any previous political candidate through their political action committee(s) and employees. Chris Matthews and others are sure to blush and to feel tinkle running down… I mean to feel a tickle running up their leg(s). The State controlled media will neglect to mention that the crisis has been intentionally, obviously and I believe, criminally prolonged without solution so as to strengthen the case for more Federal regulation, for which Obama and BP are hoping the tax payer will now be ready to beg for; or in the case of dunce-like, but always useful, Rosy O’Donnell – to ignorantly demand.

The reality, of course, and yes this is a TKC prediction is as follows. Under the guise of protecting us citizens and the sacrosanct environment, legislation must be enacted to ostensibly control these rascally energy companies. Buried within the unread/undiscussed/undisclosed/ unreported portions of the legislation, however, will be the all important endgame mandates, which will heavily subsidize these energy companies with stolen tax payer dollars. The mandates will be cleverly structured so as to transfer most or all financial risk from these companies to the ignorant tax payer, thereby insuring vast increases in long term profitability for the owners, who incidentally also happen to own Obama via complicated, interconnected corporate/political ties. In case anyone hasn’t noticed, a mere $700 million or so will put a fully owned, teleprompted puppet in the White House. It’s just good business.

Just as proposed financial reform will eventually subsidize international banking interests with stolen tax payer dollars beneath the deceitful guise of consumer protection; so the soon to come energy legislation will subsidize energy companies – and finally Al Gore and the rest of our environmental prostitutes will have succeeded in being used to finally make unprofitable green energy schemes – profitable – very profitable – for a very few. Once again, and predictably, the U.S. tax payer will be thoroughly hosed and will sit quietly in front of the television wondering where the hell their hard earned money went and why their kids will be a little less free.


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