06-21-2010: Chicago Thug Shakedown and Other High Crimes

Barack Hussein Obama, irresponsible, immature, corrupt, incompetent, spoiled leftist thug that he has been indoctrinated to be; could not manage his way out of a wet paper sack if our country’s life depended on it; and it does. The question becomes: does his ARROGANT, incorrigible behavior sink to the level of “high crimes and misdemeanors?

It is not a crime to be ignorant of history.
It is not a crime to be ignorant of economics.
It is not a crime to be averse to the truth.
It is not a crime to be an arrogant, immature man-child masquerading as an adult.
It is not a crime to be ineffective.
It is not a crime to be Muslim.
It is not a crime to have your Harvard education paid for by the Saudi Arabian Royal Family.
It is not a crime to have elite financial interests employ your wife at obscene salary levels nor to have these interests bolster your wealthy, spoiled life style in upscale Hyde Park, while you portray yourself as a “south Chicagoan” with your deceitful “put-on” street slang.
It is not a crime to be on the wrong side of political ideology.
It is not a crime to be a Marxist.

When you take an oath as President of the United States to protect and defend the Constitution and then, not only violate that oath on a daily basis; but work diligently to undermine, even destroy that same Constitution and its Rule of Law – you may now be guilty of treason against the American people and you likely have sunk to the level of “high crimes and misdemeanors”.

Granted Obama is ostensibly “innocent until proven guilty” even though he has never factually confirmed his country of birth and therefore his citizenship status regardless of Bill O’Reilly’s unfounded opinion. However, given the bought and paid for ideological nature of our now pathetic internationalized, Supreme Court, Obama’s eligibility to serve as President will never be honestly considered and is therefore moot as a practical matter.

Obama’s standing with regard to “high crimes and misdemeanors”, however, should and must at least consider the following:

1. In open violation of the Logan Act of 1799, close associates of Barack Obama have been and are involved in discussions and meetings with international leaders, where such meetings and discussions clearly have bearing and impact on the status and security of the United States within the international community. This is illegal and should be investigated. {All Administrations since 1913 have openly violated the Logan Act, particularly with regard to international banking, financial matters and the planning of wars. “Everyone does it”, does not, however, excuse nor justify the Obama Regime in doing more of the same}
2. Executive and Legislative powers are enumerated and limited under United States law as clearly stated in our Constitution. Barack Hussein Obama has openly led the 111th Congress and has illegally signed into law several pieces of legislation which clearly appear to violate this Constitution and the unalienable rights of American citizens as recognized by this Constitution. A short list of examples follows:
A. Fascist Federal government takeover of privately owned insurance company leveraged with monies illegally taken from American tax payers along with arbitrary re-distribution of assets and future profit to – whom?
B. Fascist Federal government takeover of privately owned financial institutions leveraged with monies illegally taken from American tax payers to pay off bad business debt and guarantee protection of all future profits to – whom?
C. Fascist Federal government takeover of privately owned auto companies leveraged with monies illegally taken from American tax payers along with corrupt re-distribution of asset ownership to the labor unions and to the Federal government itself along with benefit to – whom?
D. Fascist Federal government taking of “secured” bond holder debt instruments associated with auto companies and arbitrary, illegal re-distribution of debt repayment to friends of Obama, such as, corrupt labor unions. This blatantly corrupt, highly illegal crime and abuse of Federal power has undermined the validity of our Rule of Law, the long term consequences of which we don’t yet know. How do we as a people enter into business contracts, when any Chicago thug and his ignorant, corrupt Congress, tyrannically just step in, steal secured debt instruments and give the value to whomever under the guise of financial emergency?
E. The American people were told by the 110th Congress and the Bush Administration and then were told some more by the 111th Congress and the Obama Regime that the bail-out / stimulus slush funds had to be created in order to avoid economic collapse. Isn’t it odd that in less than twelve months some of these catastrophically failed “banks” were showing the highest net profits in their company history? How failed were they, really? Were we duped once again by international banking in collusion with the Bush and Obama Administrations and their associated corrupt Congresses? This would certainly appear to be the case. How dumb are “we the people” of these United States?
F. The Obama Regime has taken every possible opportunity to weaken the United States internationally and to embolden and strengthen its enemies such as the soon to be “nuclear armed” Iran.
G. The Obama Regime has done everything in its power to leverage U.S. debt to unsustainable levels, weaken U.S. credit worthiness and stability, weaken the U.S. dollar, destroy private credit markets and to destroy the U.S. middle class; particularly small business owners. The intentional bankrupting of the United States financial tax base is the intentional undermining of U.S. military capability and the ability of the U.S. to defend itself against foreign enemies. This is treason against the American people.
H. The Obama Regime and the criminally negligent regulatory agencies it incompetently manages have intentionally taken every possible opportunity to undermine and even prevent States and local governments from protecting themselves against the unimaginable environmental damage resulting from BP’s Gulf Oil Spill. Why? What under-the-table Fascist deal has been made?
I. The Obama Regime and the criminally negligent regulatory agencies it incompetently manages have intentionally done nothing to prevent the BP Gulf Oil Leak from spreading, unhindered over countless hundreds of square miles thereby insuring catastrophic environmental damage and untold billions in recovery expense, which after sixty days is now impossible to manage. The Obama Regime has partied, golfed, bowled and talked; but has effectively done nothing to mitigate environmental damage. It is now obvious that this Regime wishes the damage to be as extensive as possible so the illegal and corrupt tax and crap scheme can be justified and sold to the dumbed down American voter. This is not only treason against the American people and the environment, but frankly brings the sanity and mental stability of Barrack Hussein Obama and those around him into question.
J. Barack Hussein Obama has publicly stated that those who disagree politically with him should shut up and get out of his way. This improper, non-Presidential, immature attitude becomes treason when it is acted upon. The Obama Regime is acting on this totalitarian premise when it attempts to pass unconstitutional legislation such as House Bill H.R. 5175, the Disclose Act, which unfairly discriminates against “free speech” and is in clear violation of the 1st Amendment.
K. The Obama Regime is in violation of the Constitution of the United States when it illegally passes legislation “forcing” American citizens to purchase “government monopoly” health care related goods and services. It is a Federal abuse of power for the government to interfere with the free rights of patients and customers to do business with the doctors, hospitals and pharmaceutical companies of their choice. This is treason.
L. The Obama Regime, following in the footsteps of the Bush Administration has refused to protect the southern border of the United States or to enforce Federal immigration law. This is treason against the American people.

I could go on with this list, but if nearly half the dumbed down U.S. voting population still thinks Obama and his criminal Regime is doing a good job in their best interest – what’s the point?



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One response to “06-21-2010: Chicago Thug Shakedown and Other High Crimes

  1. warpmine

    You’re right, no point in proceeding with more incriminating facts. The brain damaged voters that claimed that they thought Odumbass was going to change Washington for the better are now having buyer’s remorse. Great! They’re still to timid to demand his removal. What’s left and how do we save ourselves from Obamonster, the Soros puppet.

    Oh, btw, O’Reilly is an emotional child, all 6+ feet of him. Once again we can clearly see that Harvard educated means squat. His conversation with Bernie Goldberg on 6-21-10 proved my point beyond a reasonable doubt.

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