06-22-2010: Thank God For Barton, McChrystal, Courage and Truth

Follow the Money and Follow the corrupt Obama Administration’s Compromised Heart!

Thank you Congressman Joseph Barton. Thank you General McChrystal. The Democrat Party is the much advertised “party of diversity”; as long as there isn’t any and Barack Hussein Obama lives this credo daily as he parties and golfs his incompetent way to the destruction of America’s middle class and the enrichment of the world’s financial elite – his benefactors and owners, particularly the demented George Soros.

With regard to Joe Barton, the Obama Administration is on its dirty hands and worn knees, under the table, destroying our environment, cheating the Gulf business owners, cheating the American people, lying to everyone in sight, making God knows what kind of deal with BP; and all the while illegally abusing Federal power and their fiduciary responsibility in order to finance Brazilian PetroBras to the tune of $2 billion stolen American tax payer dollars primarily for George Soros’ benefit. Georgie Boy has invested something on the order of $900 billion in the nationalized Brazilian Petrobras and Obama and his Administration owe Georgie big time. Georgie expects to collect.

Petrobras’ shareholders stand to benefit mightily by the shakedown of BP, along with the shutdown of American oil drilling and the financing of an American competitor by our own U.S. Federal government. This is a transparent conflict of interest on the part of Obama and his corrupt Congress that staggers the imagination and surely borders on “high crimes and misdemeanors”. The intentional undermining of U.S. energy independence and U.S. financial stability directly undermines the ability of the U.S. to pay for the defense of Herself, while also providing Aid and Comfort to U.S. enemies…and our national brain-dead press corps is singularly worried that Joe Barton may have in poor taste, albeit truthfully, accused the Obama Administration of a thuggish Chicago Shakedown. No surprise there! Doing it is fine with the State press; discussing it is verboten.

Article 3, Section 3 of our U.S. Constitution states, “Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or, in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort.” Barack Hussein Obama, many members of “the people’s” House and Senate as well as many of those skulking within the halls of the West Wing are walking perilously close to this definition of treason. You can accuse me of being reactionary, but I caution, “Don’t accept what I say. Observe what they do. Follow the corrupt money trail. Then apply your own common sense.” Your freedom depends on it.

With regard to General McChrystal; THANK YOU! Finally someone, somewhere speaks out. No doubt General, you have violated your military code of conduct, but this patriot thanks you for it. The military code of conduct was not created to hide incompetence and malfeasance, nor to mask the misuse of American troops. You Sir should immediately be awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor for your courage. Instead, I’m sure, you will be slimed and dragged through the excrement of Progressive delusion, while strangulating on Conservative confusion until finally vanishing from public sight.

Who will win this one? The poppy growers, international money launderers and their pathetic stooges; or “we the people”? We the people haven’t won one since 1913, but I have high hopes anyway. I always go for the underdog. GO BARTON! GO MCCHRYSTAL!

May God save the people from the Democrats and Republicans for they know not what they do!


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