06-26-2010: Corrupt Criminal Congress

Career criminal Congressman Chris Dodd, schooled in homeopathic larceny by his own corrupt father has supported yet another scheme to rip off the American tax payer and strengthen his financial backers. Career criminal Dodd, known liar, has been professionally trained in the techniques of intubating automatic siphon hoses into the increasingly empty and cavernously hollow tax payer wallet.

Criminal Dodd is in excellent historical company. The single greatest financial fraud in history, The Federal Reserve Act, made it possible for international wanna be wealth to become the world’s undisputed financial oligarchy. The Federal Reserve Act gave illegal, unconstitutional access to American tax payer dollars by greedy private bank owners. This international, inbred financial slime, beholden to no nation under the sun, did not however, receive a guarantee of perpetual access to the wanton theft of American tax dollars. Career criminal Dodd, bought and paid for decades ago will crown his corrupt career with as good a guarantee as 2,000 pages of unread collusional garbage can illegally provide when finally passed as consumer protection by our inept, treasonous Congress and signed into law by international banker’s pet rock, Barack Hussein Obama.

The Federal Reserve Act, plotted in full at the nine-day, Jekyll Island meeting of 1910, finally misrepresented and bulled through Congress during the Christmas holiday was marketed to the gullible U.S. tax payer as protection against the international robber barrons. We know now, of course, that the legislation was actually written by J.P. Morgan, Paul Warburg and several other international financiers for the express purpose of handing the U.S. money supply and financial future of America back to the Bank of England via the Rothschild family.

The Federal Reserve Act was a successful end run around the Constitutional Republic created by our Founders. It was the first major step in undermining the near fool proof governmental structure of the United States, which cleverly provided checks and balances making it nearly impossible to establish a “centralized government” or dictatorship. Added coups were the progressive income tax and Social Security, both incredible siphons for the transfer of wealth from the working middle class to the uber rich. You might think that after 200-years and hundreds of million starved, imprisoned, tortured, brutalized and murdered that the average person would begin to understand that socialism is not about sharing wealth; socialism is exclusively about controlling wealth…but, of course, we would be wrong. People still don’t get it.

This international financial oligarchy developed the concept of communism, later packaged and sold so well by Marx and Engels. The idea was to convert all world or national governments to a centralized form, whereby the dictatorial leader could easily be controlled by controlling that leader’s purse strings. Literally all of today’s social conflicts, such as the sexual revolution, feminism, gay rights, racism, class warfare, the dumbing down of education, revisionist history, etc. have been created, marketed and sold by this group, through the Communist Party to well intended, but easily duped Progressives for the purpose of undermining free market capitalism and promoting societal chaos. Keynesian economic theory was developed to lend credibility to this draconian, inhuman nonsense.

Humans don’t function well under chaos. The grandiose plan was for chaos to reach such a level that the average citizen would beg for relief. At this point, the oligarchs were poised and ready to step in with their centralized, collectivized government solution to save the day. Well, today is one of those days and criminal Dodd and friends have again lowered themselves to the occasion. Free markets and capitalism are blamed for the chaos, but today’s dumbed down victims of Progressive public education and redacted history do not understand that we have not seen free market capitalism since 1913 or so. Government regulation is the problem and government regulation is the answer we are provided by the oligarchy to lock ourselves firmly into perpetual serfdom by our own choice and uneducated vote. It’s a truly clever and insidious program and it is working to perfection – except maybe for the Tea Party?.

Today, in 2010, nearly 100 years after the criminal passage of The Federal Reserve Act, again under the guise of consumer protection, (the same historical playbook) the international oligarchy’s hand picked Obama Administration will finally hand the much desired “golden guarantee key” to the international banking oligarchy. Truly, an impressive coup for Chris. His father would be proud. Our country, however, is screwed (please pardon my crudeness).

Buried within this 2,000 page pile of unread, deceit, written by “we don’t know who, but it smells like a Goldman Sachs threepeat” are the long sought “permanent” tax payer subsidies, which guarantee that for the rest of time, the dumbed down American tax payer will absorb 100% of all international banking risk, while sharing none of the profit with the very few private families, who slink quietly behind this legislative abortion.

With the additional soon to be, passing of illegal alien amnesty and some form of crap and tax, our once free American society will be permanently reduced to two classes of people; the uber rich and their slaves. The Obama Administration has been entrusted with the task of bringing to fruition the permanent indentured servitude of the American middle class. This was the dream conceived in 1773 by Mayer Amshel Bauer (Rothschild), Adam Weishaupt and their greedy, demented cronies.

Freedom is never given or granted. It is taken. Once taken, only vigilance can preserve it. Unfortunately, the American people have not been vigilant. Our children will pay for our mistake with their freedom. Remember this, when your kids ask “what happened to our freedom? Where were you? What did you do? Remember this, when later you recall that in all fairness you asked that the Obama Administration be given “just a little more time”.

One last word of caution! The Republicans will not save you. Republicans have become the second side of the same counterfeit coin. We no longer have a two-party system. We have a collusive sewer run beneath the boot heel of an international oligarchy. Think term limits. Think Independent. Think Tea Party. Ask yourself why John McCain never ran a real campaign? Did Americans really have a vote? Of course not – but this can be changed by knowledge. Please educate yourself.


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