06-28-10: Obama Administration Plays House

Watching the inept Obama Administration play at government is like watching spoiled children playing house. They lie, hide each others toys, break each others toys, pull each others hair, point fingers and never stop whining, crying and vying to be the center of attention.

On the plus side, however, one notices they are incredibly consistent. Amidst the swirling dust of every “crisis”, created, imagined or otherwise, they are steadfast in their holistic approach.
1. Blame Bush.
2. Do nothing.
3. Say something foolish.
4. Retract the foolish statement.
5. Claim to be doing everything possible.
6. Convene a study group or commission.
7. Announce the study results.
8. Do nothing.
9. Blame Bush.
10. Announce success. Case closed. Problem resolved.

And we as hard working American tax payers wonder why the Federal government doesn’t work for us anymore. Well, all I can suggest is, “keep voting for those banker’s pets at RNC and DNC and I assure you it will keep on not working.

If you want a different result – do something different; like stop being brain numbed by your TV set with its programed lies, start paying attention and vote for independent people’s candidates. Nuff said.


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