07-03-2010: Thank you Michael Steel!

THANK YOU MICHAEL STEEL! If we cannot define a mission in Afghanistan, then for God’s sake get our kids and our heroes out of there. I don’t want to see any human life sacrificed simply to have Afghan poppy cultivation maintained at today’s 175,000 hectares instead of 2001’s 6,500 hectares. The international banking oligarchy can protect their annual $1 trillion or so in narcotics money laundering revenue on their own; they have no right to abuse the gullible, good intentions of the American people or the U.S. military as their private “protection racket” and strong arm force in doing so.

Whatever justification for Afghanistan was once argued; it has long since evaporated into nothing more than the unseemly political effervescence of putrescent, ideological garbage driven ostensibly by international financial greed. Our brave, generous military deserve better than to shed their precious blood for the protection of the oligarchy’s aristocratic crimson coin.

The fact that supposed conservatives, such as, William Kristol of the Weekly Standard are demanding that Michael Steel step down as RNC chairmen is proof in the pudding that they are nothing more than Council On Foreign Relations (CFR) sheep, herded by their Bilderberg Group shepherds into paddocks of ignorance to be sheared by the uber wealthy until feudally complacent. Mr. Kristol is incorrect that 100% of the Republican Party supports our government in this war. I don’t even know an Arizona Republican who has any idea why we are still in Afghanistan after nine years and it is a subject of frequent discussion given that it is our children who are dying in those mountains.

Mr. Kristol alleges in his letter that this is not a war of Obama’s choosing as Mr. Steel states, but in fact, is a war “prosecuted by the United States under Bush and Obama”, as though that absolves anyone of anything. Mr. Kristol, is of course, factually correct but fails to mention that both Bush and Obama receive their marching orders, not from the hearts of the American people or from some great desire for freedom; but from the perpetually swelling pocketbooks of the world’s insatiable, international oligarchy. The oligarchy is persuasive and convincing. I doubt that Mr. Kristol has any idea whose fight he’s actually fighting… and that is a shame and a waste.


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