07-09-2010: No We Can’t

For two long, nearly unbearable Presidential campaign years, we painfully, endured Barack Obama’s monotonous droning baritone teleprompting us with silly, meaningless sound bite phrases such as, “Yes We Can” or “Change You Can Believe In” or the one word doozy – “Hope”. $700 million unaccounted for campaign dollars later, accompanied by no national press corps vetting what-so-ever, along with something like 520 (now broken) gratuitous teleprompter campaign promises; fully half the American voting population bought the slick, popular, ghetto jive and foolishly elected the teleprompter.

Today, only 19 months later, the golfing teleprompter is on its ridiculous Recovery Summer tour, costing all the tax payers (not just the gullible half) millions of wasted dollars to hear endless whining about how the teleprompter “inherited a mess”; “it took years for this to happen”; I can’t fix this over-night”; “there’s nothing I can do”; “I can’t suck it up with a straw”; and on and on and on. Of course, there’s the biggest class warfare lie of all; “I won’t raise your taxes one dime if you make less than $250,000 a year”. This famous teleprompter statement was always ignorant on its face, but 2011 will show it to be a truly bitter and very expensive farce. Your taxes are going up and up and up while your business goes down and down and down. This is called failure. You may want to recall Thomas Sowell’s admonition, “Hope isn’t reality and reality isn’t optional”.

Apparently organizing and taking advantage of relatively uneducated poor people, entrapping them into permanent poverty isn’t adequate preparation for governing a nation. Too bad half of us didn’t know that. Unfortunately, by the end of 2011, both halves will clearly understand that elections have consequences and in this case the catastrophic consequences and loss of freedom will require decades to fix; assuming it can ever be fixed.

Our terminal U.S. economy along with the entire gasping world economy is being artificially propped up by the same international oligarchy that destroyed it in the first place. The criminally insane world financial oligarchy is blindly and voraciously raping its still breathing, crimson coin from the world economic corpse just prior to the coming 2011 expiration. 2011 is when the rest of us “little people” will brutally take it in the shorts. By the end of 2011, the under nose mirror check for economic respiration will yield nothing. No economic pulse whatever. For what it’s worth The Kolinski Chronicle recommends setting aside some food and water for the coming lean times. As the late Patrick Swayze’s character, Truman Gates quietly stated in 1989’s Next of Kin, “We ain’t seen bad; but it’s comin’.”

As Julius Caesar so cynically remarked after the brutal and bloody defeat of Pompey at Munda in 45 B.C.; “Hoc voluerunt.” “They wanted this.”

The teleprompter’s job is to lead our corrupt, wholly ignorant Congress in ushering in this economic devastation and in that one single task; he is imminently successful – so far. The politically independent middle class of the United States is intentionally being destroyed. The 20% minority of brain dead Progressives have through political correctness silenced the decent, hard working majority and now run the asylum. Unfortunately, it no longer matters whether you accept my observations regarding obvious teleprompter and Congressional treason; because it’s now far too late. The people, or at least half the people, in all fairness, wanted to give this arrogant teleprompter “a little more time”. Well, he got it, didn’t he? The Obama teleprompter legacy will be “Yes I did screw you!” We can no longer stop what’s coming. The certain 2011 financial wreck is now running down hill, out of control, in full-on Georgia Overdrive. We are not going to be able to get out of the way.

One of the saddest things about all this will be the November 2010 mid-term elections, which will predictably result in an overwhelming Republican victory in both the House and Senate; just in time for the 2011 financial collapse. Given that Republicans have never understood what politics is all about; who do you think will be blamed for the 2011 financial collapse? I don’t even have to tell you do I? Additionally, free market capitalism will be blamed, though the world’s financial oligarchy has made sure we haven’t seen free markets since 1913 or so. In the year 2010, we don’t even know what free markets are. Our corrupt, fascist, regulatory government agencies have made certain of that and have strictly enforced government sponsored oligarchical monopoly on a world wide scale. Selfish, corrupt, under-the-table, government sanctioned monopoly killed free market capitalism, murdered human hope and slaughtered human dignity… and we never even knew it was happening.

…and that is the reason why Progressive history “may”, please note I said “may”, show the year 2011 A.D. as the joyful year that the world’s first and last Constitutional Republic and free market economics breathed their last. Our feudal serf grandchildren will wonder where we were and what we were doing – or not doing – that fateful year back in 2011 – when the teleprompter achieved its one success.



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4 responses to “07-09-2010: No We Can’t

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  2. warpmine

    Should that 45 A.D. be B.C.?

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