07-10-2010: Divide et impera!

Divide and conquer! A well known and successful strategy both in war and politics famously employed by Julius Caesar. Caesar’s reality required first winning over the Roman Senate politically before running off to war. He was very good at it and his divide et impera strategy has been successfully copied ever since. Barack Hussein Obama and his socialist Democrat majority / liberal light Republican minority Congress have certainly copied it and then some. The United States today, in 2010, is as divided a nation as it ever has been since its founding in 1776 or perhaps during the Civil War. The sad thing is, that it is our own elected and appointed political leadership dividing us. Polls show nearly two thirds of all Americans, in some cases more, are on the same page on virtually every major political issue, foreign or domestic; yet we are allowing ourselves to be split apart.

Politics has never been been honest and I doubt it ever will. Winning in politics requires the successful selling of yourself and your ideas as well as being able to instill within the mind of the voting public a confidence in your desire and ability to act in good faith on those ideas. Casting yourself in a certain light and presenting your ideas within a certain context has always been fair play as it went without saying that your personal integrity as a potential leader was on the line. Good faith and honor were givens regardless of political views or disagreement; and so for the most part, the system worked. The system worked until honor died and integrity vanished. With the banishment of honor and integrity from Washington D.C., we as a people are left with nothing but the hollow remnants of selling and context; neither of which are real.

Unfortunately, for America, a country cannot be governed by make believe. Thoughts and ideas cannot be constructively conveyed through distractive, jingoist sound bites. As Thomas Sowell, the foremost socio-economic thinker of our time, perhaps for all of time has written, “Hope is not reality and reality is not optional”. Real societal issues and real solutions are not brought together by catchy phrases such as “The Failed Policies of the Last Eight Years” or “Hope” or “Change You Can Believe In” or “Yes We Can”. Sound bites can and do effectively paint images in one’s mind and stir emotions, but they do not and cannot lead. Replacing yesterday’s “Yes We Can” with “Get Out of the Way” doesn’t cut it in real life. It doesn’t get the job done.

It becomes more evident every day that Barack Hussein Obama is not much more than a popular media creation and expert teleprompter reader. The absence of a pre-written text on at least one of his duplicate screens renders him nearly incapable of understandable utterance. Why such a shallow and dishonest person is popular at all I fail to understand. An honorable executive he is not. It is heart breaking that this pathetic hoax of a man happens to be a man of color, or at least of half color. He has worked tirelessly to damage race relations between black and white, but even worse has now enlarged the scope of ignorance to include the adversarial division of Israelis, Arabs, Europe and the U.S., Hispanics, Christians, gays, employers and employees, states with other states, cities with other cities, children and parents and even just plain old men and women. His administration is now actively criminalizing political opinion and speech. This heinous level of governing animus cannot be accidental. Only denial can suggest it is.

You can read or listen to the news, such as it is, so I won’t go into the history of Obama’s deceit or the traitorous conduct of our corrupt Congress. Daily examples of arrogant misconduct, failure of fiduciary responsibility, outright lies, abuse of power, self aggrandizement, greed, discrimination, favoritism, patronage, special interest legislation, payoffs and on and on are simply too numerous to mention. Federal government failure is everywhere. We as citizens are surrounded by it. Federal government failure is devouring us. The Federal government is too big to succeed. Yet, what does the Obama Administration propose to do in the face of catastrophic systemic government failure? It proposes to force the Federal government to bloat itself exponentially.

There are only two rational explanations for the failed and divisive leadership behavior of Barack Obama and his 111th Congress and one corresponding remedy for each. First, either Obama “just doesn’t seem to get it yet” as our highly paid pundits so expertly and endlessly wonder; or secondly, “he gets it perfectly”. In the first case Obama is so hopelessly and negligently incompetent that the only rational solution is impeachment. In the second instance, Obama is intentionally damaging the United States and emboldening Her enemies. In this second case Obama must be tried for treason against the people of these United States. The same reasoning applies to most, though not all, members of our House, Senate and Supreme Court.

I error on the part of the second case. I believe Barack Hussein Obama “gets it perfectly” and is intentionally playing dumb while he works vigorously to divide and destroy the people of the United States, which he has been taught to hate for decades. Many ignorant and greedy members of our House and Senate are in lock step with his hateful agenda, for their own short sighted purposes and should be brought to the light of justice before the American people as well.

Barack Obama is intentionally dividing the people of our good country for a reason. His behavior is not accidental and does not lack in understanding or motive. To continue to suggest otherwise is cowardice or denial. His strategy was exposed for what it is as far back as the last century B.C. by Julius Caesar. The only difference is that twenty centuries ago, Julius Caesar, brutal and power hungry as he was, stood tall as a courageous man of honor. Barack Hussein Obama has no honor and knows no shame. An ailing country cannot heal itself without removing the source of the disease. Barack Obama is a cancer growing dangerously in the soul of America. Cancer must be removed or the patient dies. As we have already read, “Reality is not optional”.


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