07-12-2010: Congress Is Like A Collection of Stripped Screws

The reason most of our U.S. Senators and House Members no longer represent their voting constituents is “career politics” in union with the 17th Amendment. The obvious fix is term limits on the one hand and if possible, repeal of the horrendously disastrous 17th Amendment.

If you’ve ever attempted any sort of mechanical or handi-man work you’ve likely encountered the “stripped screw” conundrum. As you attempt to tighten the screw securely, the threads or head begin to shear (strip) and before you know it; you can’t tighten the screw any further and most likely may also have difficulty removing it so it can be replaced with a sound screw. In the process of trying to do all this, you’ve probably managed to further damage whatever it was you were trying to fix. A career politician is exactly like one of these bargain basement screws. Once you get them in, they won’t do the job and even worse, because of Gerrymandering, now you can’t get them out. The system has effectively been stripped and is no longer secure.

This criticism doesn’t suggest politicians are necessarily bad people. It just recognizes that human nature is what it is and the effective management of humans requires acknowledgment of human strengths and weaknesses. Any situational context promoting success is much better from a constructive behavior standpoint than a context maximizing the probability of failure. Fortunately for us as Americans, our Founders were well aware of our human tendencies and created a healthy, balanced, self checking context – our Constitutional Republic – for us to function within.

Unfortunately, Communists, having an indoctrinated animus toward individual liberty, have inserted themselves into our political process and through such deceitful mechanisms as the 17th Amendment, successfully undone the self checking mechanism between our House and the Senate, thereby intentionally unbalancing the system. The system is now stripped, so to speak, is more easily manipulated by political operatives and no longer works effectively for “we the people”. The Communist / socialist / progressive / liberal / leftist thrust is always toward freedom strangling “centralized government control”, the ultimate result of which is government tyranny either by totalitarian dictate or by Royal mandate. In either case “we the people” are reduced to loyal serfs or as I might more coarsely phrase it, slaves.

Community organizers, always feeding at some part of the “greasy public trough” are never held responsible for the success of any outcome. They carefully stay away from real work having real accountability standards for performance. This cowardly, irresponsible and vacuous existence allows them to grow up as indoctrinated, arrogant fools who vainly believe all societal ills are some sort of academic exercise. Since everything they have in life is given to them by their leftist handlers in exchange for their minds and souls, they learn to live outside of daily reality as non-functional intellectual snobs who never tire of hearing themselves speak. The communist organizer stands intellectually, emotionally and dishonestly separate from the repeated historic and current failure of his or her collectivist doctrine. Heavily protected within their secure cocoon of “public taking” they are isolated from the harsh nature of economic survival on the streets of life. This protected parasitical life style within life’s normal painful reality is what permits the organizer to irrationally ignore consistent failure, mindlessly treating the brutal dehumanizing results of their doctrine as some sort of detached academic exercise. More than one hundred million starved, raped, tortured, imprisoned and murdered across the globe at the hands of leftists is not an academic exercise.

Stealing more than a trillion honest tax payer dollars within 18 months and gifting it to politically correct friends and allies, thereby draining the private sector of job creating capital is not an academic exercise. There is nothing academic about loosing your family business or your job; having your family car repossessed; loosing your family home; or being unable to feed and clothe your children. The embarrassment and financial pain of a father or mother destroying 40 years of excellent, hard earned credit over a one year failed period because your career politicians are playing politics with our nation’s money supply is not academic. The BP oil spill is not an academic exercise. A nuclear Iran allied with Russia and/or Communist China is not an academic exercise. The U.S. betrayal of the people of Israel is not an academic exercise. Expanding the Afghan war into Pakistan, with a Muslim population of 140,000,000 is not an academic exercise. Destroying the world’s finest health care system is not an academic exercise. Expanding our national debt to 4 times the already criminal level of malfeasance displayed by the Bush Administration is not an academic exercise.

If we wish to be free of the rapidly expanding cage of unconstitutional, illegal and unjust Federal government control and corruption a good start would be to impose term limits on Members of the Senate and House of Representatives. Two terms is it. Today’s elected representative is gifted with a salary four times the national average, full pension after a single term and health benefits that would embarrass a pick pocket, not to mention the golden key – a license to steal – the people’s wealth. Congressional redistricting (gerrymandering) enables near perpetual re-election. Human nature must be reigned in and politicians are no exception. Elected representatives should receive a salary set at the national average. They should be required to purchase their own health insurance just as any business owner is. They should receive no pension what-so-ever. Serving your country should be an honor and a sacrifice, not a license to live large at tax payer expense and to abuse the hard earned wealth of our country’s citizens.

Secondly, repeal the 17th Amendment. U.S. Senators are intended to be appointed by the various elected State legislatures. This removes Senators from the political mud wrestling arena, where money and influence reign supreme. Senators appointed by their State of residency will represent the best interests of their respective State or they will lose their appointment. Publicly elected Senators as made possible by the Communist inspired 17th Amendment have reduced the U.S. Senate to a collection of money pandering con-artists subject to the vagaries of financial corruption and media manipulation. The Senatorial check on Congressional power put in place by our Founders has been eliminated. This has functionally reduced the U.S. Senate to a box of stripped screws. They no longer have value to “we the people” and are in a position to do great harm. By destroying the legislative balance between the House and Senate, Congress has effectively been marginalized, thereby defaulting tremendous ungoverned power to the Executive Branch. The 17th Amendment does not work and it is an important cog in the freedom eating wheel of socialist organizers. Individual liberty requires its repeal.

Personally, I’m tired of trying to work with a bunch of stripped screws peddled to us by the bargain basement flea markets at RNC and DNC. Let’s appoint our Senators and get some new House Members. Quality ones. Drink some tea. It can be good for you and for your family.


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  1. Be careful, because it is pretty easy to strip them. Hailey Handcrafts

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