07-25-2010: Congressional Reform Is Constitutional Death By Suffocation

“Government is not a solution to our problem, government is the problem.” {President Ronald Reagan}

“Every dollar the U.S. government spends is taken from a hard working American family.” {The Zen Trucker}

Discriminatory, punitive tax rates for those earning $250k or better, but never touching the international oligarchy’s uber rich TRUSTS, FOUNDATIONS and otherwise SHELTERED INCOME permanently guarantee that no working person will ever accumulate wealth sufficient to stop working for the oligarchy – or more importantly to become Independently Influential. {The Zen Trucker}

I can freely drive one truck for my family. Should I attempt to own five trucks, I will be taxationally murdered by my own U.S. Congress – the international oligarchy’s independent wealth executioner. {The Zen Trucker}

I apologize beforehand for the coarseness of this post, but I have intellectually failed to come up with more appropriate terminology for what has become nothing more than wholesale Congressional prostitution. I guess, Congressmen and women – if your short skirt fits; wear it proudly. In fairness, I don’t suggest that all Congressmen and Senators are whores. Some of them sweep the floor for their wealthy clientele. Obviously any remaining respect I’ve had for our two pathetically corrupt, so called legislative bodies has been completely exhausted.

The U.S. Senate and House of Representatives are no longer deliberative, legislative bodies. They have devolved into a very expensive, socialist whorehouse where the most corrupt international cartels can sneak in through the back door to purchase political favor at the expense of “we the people”. Congress is now a private regulatory mechanism, a sort of Comintern, used for controlling “the governed” for the sole benefit of the elite oligarchy. The governed have unwittingly given away their power to consent. The spectacular difference between this Capital Hill whorehouse and the Bunny Ranch is that at the Bunny Ranch a legitimate customer pays for his or her own legitimate services. You personally may find the Bunny Ranch services distasteful, but at least the customer knows what they’re getting for their money when they walk through the front door.

At the upscale Capital Hill whorehouse on the other hand, the elite john pays nothing. You, the tax payer, pay for everything including giving up your unalienable rights for the personal benefit of the political whores you elected and their corrupt international clientele. In today’s Capital Hill whorehouse a foreign lobbyist with big bucks has 1000% more access to your elected whore than you do. Your elected whore’s front door is locked. You can’t even get in. To get in the back door, which you can’t locate, you need a friend of Bilderberg, Round Table, CFR, RIIA or Trilateral Commission Member’s Card before you can slink beneath the coveted red light and buy your government whore’s favor. The expensive flavor of the day varies, but the sap picking up the tab doesn’t. The poor gullible sap is always the poorly informed American middle class.

Take immigration for example. More than two thirds of “you the tax payer” want the U.S. Southern border secured. It has instead stood wide open for decades. Why? Because the international oligarchic clientele being chauffeured through the back door of Congress doesn’t want it secured. I’m not going into the oligarchy’s North American Union dream, One World Governance, nearly $1 trillion in international bankster’s drug money laundering revenue and all the obvious nonsense. That’s not my point.

My point is that we do not have an illegal immigration problem because Mexican citizens wake up in the morning dreaming of risking their lives in a hostile desert to become underpaid illegal slaves for international business conglomerates. We don’t have an immigration problem because beautiful, young Mexican mothers and daughters wake up dreaming of having their legs tied apart beneath a remote desert rape tree, where long after the vicious coyotes have brutally finished savaging them and their pitiful screams heard by no one who cares die away; their torn panties can hang from a Palo Verde branch forever as triumphant trophies to Congressional malfeasance. We don’t have an immigration problem because decent Mexican people work hard and care about their families just as you and I do.

We have an immigration problem, rape trees, drug trafficking, human trafficking and abusive Mexican slavery because the U.S. Federal government is for sale and refuses to enforce existing immigration law. We have a population so dumbed down, that nearly one third of us believe the media tripe claiming that open borders are the best thing ever for Mexicans duped into helping destroy the very freedom and opportunity they were falsely promised. We have an immigration problem because our corrupt, cowardly Congress does not want to close our Southern border, that is, the Corrupt Mexican government’s pressure relief valve, the closing of which would likely precipitate the much needed, long overdo Mexican Revolution.

Your Congressional street walker claims nothing can be done about immigration without comprehensive reform. Your elected whore neglects to tell you that reform isn’t intended to deal with the problem at all. Reform will simply deprive you, the tax payer along with the “new” 30 million or so Mexican dupes of a few more unalienable rights, one of which is to keep the money your elected whore is now openly stealing. Comprehensive immigration reform is about centralized government power and is a Progressive euphemism for the intentional disenfranchisement and disempowerment of the middle class; nothing more.

Congressional finance reform, our second example, is about guaranteeing the transfer of all international financial risk, but none of the profit to the uninformed tax payer forever. It is also about the international elite using corrupt government regulation to eliminate unwanted competition and thereby establish profitable, government sponsored, fascist, mega-monopolies. Targeted businesses taken over by the regulators will be sold off for peso’s on the dollar to well connected insiders. The independent, difficult to control, American middle class will finally be wiped out as middle class entrepreneurship is crushed beneath an obscene mountain of taxes and suffocating regulation. You the tax payer get to pay for all this while your own small business is wiped out. Our new United Soviet States of Amerika will consist of the uber rich oligarchy and their slaves with nothing in between. Guess who the slaves will be. All of this has been sold to “we the people” as “consumer protection” just as the very private, Federal Reserve Banking criminal enterprise was in 1913. This deceitful financial pogrom is one of the final nails in the coffin of our Constitutional Republic. The “consent” of the governed has been systematically wiped out.

If you think I’m joking or exaggerating, ask the secured bond holders of General Motors what your elected Congressional whores did with their secured GM equity. These power abusive Congressional whores illegally and unconstitutionally stole the bond security’s equity and gave it away to insiders. Contract law in America died that day and no one even noticed. Corrupt government regulation enticed greedy international bankers to write bad business. The hopelessly bad subprime business was only agreed to by the banks when our filthy elected whore’s guaranteed the bad debt with your middle class money, primarily through Fannie and Freddie, which the proposed reform doesn’t even pretend to touch. This is enough to make a goat puke. The economic collapse of 2008 was caused and orchestrated by your own Congress on behalf of the bank owners.

How about crap and tax for a third example? This comic farce does and will do nothing for the environment – ever. It isn’t intended to. It’s only intent is to create a $10 trillion per year thin air market selling make believe credits to suckers for big insider bucks. This will be the largest transfer of working middle class wealth to the international insider elite in world economic history. Our elected whores can’t wait to get this done for their masters. Every penny of this criminal boon doggle is coming out of your pocket. Bend over, grab your ankles and smile while you take it in the shorts. Any future possibility of working middle class wealth accumulation will be killed stone cold dead by this abortion. So, of course, will any future possibility of middle class political influence. If you think your elected whores don’t care what you think now – just wait till we’re all just a little more destitute.

There is no shame and no end to the list of criminal malfeasance, bribery, patronage and corrupt favoritism being carried out by our elected capital rotunda whores. We could go on and on and on with examples. Another tidbit is the new 3.8% real estate sales tax you’ll now pay if you sell your house. This little guy was hidden in the Health Care bill the whores never read, but voted on anyway. If you boomers want to downsize your existing home and sell it for $400k, you’ll now pay the whores $15,200 in sales tax. Ain’t it great how these whores work your pocketbook? No one making less than $250,000 will pay one dime in new taxes whore master Obama promised. Right…and we all have “stupid” tattooed on our foreheads.

None of this proposed reform is necessary or worth anything positive for you or I. Basic enforcement of existing laws and regulations would eliminate most of the difficulty with any of these issues. Reforms are not necessary and are only being proposed to concentrate more power in the hands of the Executive Branch of government. Congress has stupidly manipulated itself into legislative irrelevance and doesn’t even know it. This is at the least dangerous and at the worst catastrophic with regard to individual liberty. Listening to the garbage being put out by the RNC and DNC is a guarantee that your children will be nothing more than disenfranchised indentured servants.

Our Republic is likely already dead. In any case, if we don’t start voting knowledgeably soon, it most certainly will be.



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3 responses to “07-25-2010: Congressional Reform Is Constitutional Death By Suffocation

  1. warpmine

    Thanks a lot Kolinski. If I weren’t already depressed enough already before reading this last post, I’m now more likely to die for the cause of freedom.
    Do you agree that the country needs to be reset back to the time after the Bill of Rights was ratified and formally added to the Constitution?

    • thekolinskichronicle

      I absolutely agree Warpmine. We have slowly but surely abdicated our power of consent. I’m going to try at least on occasion to overcome my disappointment with the American voter, whom I used to trust I might add, and deter non-stop complaining with positive stuff we can actually tbink about and do. Obviously complaing alone won’t fix it, not to mention we are driving ourselves crazy.

      I added a page called the 10 Point Prescription For Freedom. It lists some things we ought to at least consider, such as, repealing the 16th and 17th Amendments.

      Anyway, thanks for visiting. We will fix this mess if we don’t quit. You’ll notice below that I started another blog called 1600 Watch, which is more main stream and targets White House policy more specifically.


      Bruce J. Kolinski, P.E. 1600 Watch http://1600watch.com/ Phoenix, Arizona E-mail: kolinski@q.com

  2. He said that if the voters did not approve of the reforms then he would resign. Rachel Slaves

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