07-26-2010: Social Justice Gun Control Tax

According to a June 7, 2010 Editorial, “Obama Cuts Crime” carried in The Washington Times: “In November 2008, a total of 450,000 more people purchased firearms than had bought them in November 2007. This is a more than 10-fold increase, compared with the change in sales from November 2007 over November 2006, which was only about 35,000. The average year-to-year increase in monthly sales in the past decade averaged just 21,000.”

Interestingly this, we don’t trust Obama motivated, ten-fold increase in gun ownership was followed in year 2009 with a nationwide drop in the murder rate of 7.4%. This phenomenon has notably been experienced in both Chicago and the District of Columbia. Murder rates and violent crime rose significantly in both metropolitan areas following the imposition of strict anti-gun, gun control laws. Criminals were given free reign over the disarmed populace, which was forced to live with the hazardous result. In the year following the Supreme Court’s decision over-turning the gun ownership ban and trigger-lock laws; murder rates immediately plummeted 25% in both these jurisdictions.

Generally speaking, States having “Right-to-Carry Laws have much lower violent crime rates than the rest of the country. Overall violent crime – 31% lower; murder – 39% lower; robbery – 55% lower; aggravated assault – 19% lower. States having the most restrictive gun control laws also boast the highest numbers of confrontational violent crime. These statistics are inarguable and are also borne out consistently in other countries.

Given that the free exercise of our Constitutional 2nd Amendment rights reduce violent crime; and given further that restrictive gun control laws significantly increase violent crime; and given even further that most gun control proponents are liberal leftists who love higher taxes for everyone other than themselves (I list Tax Cheat Timothy Geitner and disgraced Democrat Senator Tom Daschle as just two prominent examples) – I propose in the interest of fairness and “social justice” that States do the following:

All proponents of restricting 2nd Amendment rights shall so declare on their State Tax Forms by checking the appropriate box; and in so doing shall be liable for the 5% surcharge on gross income to be paid for offsetting the increased public cost of violent crime mitigation.

In the interest of collectivized social justice so popular with Progressive political activists I believe this proposed tax should be received with open arms and accolades for proactive social transformation. Thank you Barack Obama for blessing me with this great tax raising idea. Finally, a tax I can agree with!


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