07-30-2010: Progressive Destructothon Competition – RNC vs DNC Coming To Your State Soon

Viewing the Federal Department of Injustice disparaging itself and dissing Congress to its bloated, corrupt face from my expensive, ringside seat in illegally overrun Phoenix, Arizona has been enlightening. Unfortunately, the obvious intentional failure of our own government to defend our sovereign borders has been so blatant under the Democrat socialist leadership vacuum that many forget that Republicans are sweatily rowing this same boat. The Bush Administration was particularly schizophrenic with its “fight terrorism at any cost”, but good gosh, let’s don’t secure that Southern border. This would have been funny had it not been so sad, deceitful and systemically destructive to our citizens – both legal and illegal.

I’m not a member of the Council On Foreign Relations (CFR) and I doubt the Bilderberg Group cares for me much, so I don’t get invited to their annual meetings either; but I’m able to deduce a few obvious things none-the-less.

The Federal government of these United States aids and abets “sanctuary cities” who openly flaunt their criminal refusal to uphold Federal immigration law. At the same time, the Feds, or at least Eric Holder have the audacity to sue Arizona for attempting to support Federal immigration law. Now I realize a large percentage of us are victims of public education, but we ought still find the brain power to ask ourselves obvious questions. Why does every Republican and Democrat Administration refuse to secure our Southern border? This has been a problem since before the progressive peanut farmer haunted the people’s White House. Why is the Federal “need” to keep the border unprotected so strong it feels compelled to trample States rights? Just because many of us have been victimized and cheated by a de-educational system controlled by progressive Democrats for more than sixty years does not mean our elected representatives don’t owe “we the people” an explanation.

By the way, Obama just announced this week on The View that education has now been fixed and that he has been busy governing, not campaigning. From The View he announces this with a straight face. I thought it was a “scared straight” program. For what it’s worth Comrade Obama, insulting the hapless Bush Administration is not governing.

I’m not going to presumptuously suggest answers to this catastrophic, perhaps even terminal failure of our Constitutional Republic. I’m just going to ask more questions that we all might consider before we vote next time around. It’s easy to blame an incompetent, delusional Marxist like Obama for our problems, but the disease runs much deeper than our current treasonous President. A little “due diligence” and a hard look at our “career ruling class” treasonous Congress on the part of “We The People” is in order and actually more appropriate.

Question 1. Given that the U.S. is the world’s largest and most lucrative market for cocaine, heroin and other harmful substances; and given further that most of this illicit drug traffic runs through Mexico on its way to the open deserts of Arizona and Interstate Highways 8, 10 and 40 on its murderous way to the rest of the country and our kids; is there a connection between Federal policy and the success of drug trafficking?

Question 2. Given that we eliminated the Taliban training camps in Afghanistan in less than one year, yet are still militarily involved in Afghanistan nine years later; and given that Afghanistan produces 92% of the world’s opium poppies; and given that poppy cultivation has risen from an all time historic low of 6,500 hectares in 2001 to an all time historic high of nearly 175,000 hectares in 2010; and given that the owners of the world’s international central banks now write between $500 billion and $1 trillion annually in drug money laundering business; and given that these same families own our Federal Reserve Banks; and given that the Federal Reserve Banking families select our politicians for us via the CFR indoctrinated RNC and DNC; is it possible that even though more than 3/4 of Americans want our Southern border secured, that our Federal representatives actually work for these international banks and not “we the people”?

Question 3. The opiates coming out of Afghanistan are not worth much without a viable market for the product. The U.S. is the most viable, most profitable world market. Is there a relationship between Afghanistan poppies, U.S. military policy, international drug money laundering, political campaign contributions, media magic and the refusal of the U.S. Federal government to secure its Southern border?

Question 4. What negative impact might securing the Southern U.S. border have on the international financial oligarchy’s conditioning sales pitch for eliminating U.S., Mexican and Canadian sovereignty and the establishment of the North American Union (NAU)?

Question 5. What impact will “comprehensive” immigration reform, that is, “amnesty” for thirty million or more leftist indoctrinated Mexican Nationals have on the validity of today’s working middle class vote? Is this not the intentional disenfranchisement of the middle class by its own government? {…and NO, the number of illegal Mexican Nationals presently in the United States is not twelve million – get a grip.}

Answers to these questions may be more important than where or how often the President golfs or vacations, though that seems to be his primary activity when he’s not campaigning for the destruction or our country. One cautionary comment; career Republican rulers will not save you.


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