07-31-2010: Too Big Too Succeed – 25% Or Bust!

The Kolinski Chronicle supports reducing the size of the U.S. Federal government by 75% over ten years. 25% OR BUST!
Constitutionally enumerated State’s Rights and the consent of the governed are the only hope of continued individual freedom and prosperity.

The four primary principles to focus on are:
1. Our Creator and our relationship to that Creator of which we are a part.
2. Constitutionally limited government.
3. Fiscal responsibility at home and in government.
4. Free markets.

Democrats are not the issue.
Republicans are not the issue.
The internet is not the information issue.
SB 1070 is not the immigration issue.
Janet Napolitano, failing Director of Homeland Security and failed ex-governor of Arizona is not the terrorist issue.
Charlie Rangel of the 15th Congressional District of New York is not the corruption issue.
George W. Bush is not the war issue.
Barack Hussein Obama is not the abuse of power issue.
Al Gore is not the environmental issue.
Anthony Wiener of the 9th Congressional District of New York is not the insanity issue.
Nancy Pelosi, failing Speaker of the House ripping off the 8th Congressional District of California and the country is not the honesty issue.
Chris Dodd, U.S. Senator for Connecticut is not the economic issue.

OK. That’s enough.

The point is that the Federal government of the United States, which currently is supposed to serve 308 million citizens, but instead serves only the special interests treasonously sustaining its voracious failure beneath the table, on the table and around the table has become too big to succeed. Citizens can no longer get their arms, nor comprehension around the enormity of an on-book debt of more than $13 trillion and an off-book entitlement debt of more than $109 trillion. The Department of Homeland Security all by itself is so hopelessly gargantuan that no human could possibly manage it or have any idea what the hell is going on where. To suggest that someone is actually budgeting is so preposterous as to make Alan Greenspan giddy. The American citizen, in an attempt to make sense of something, anything; is left myopically focusing on what may be important, but are, in fact, insignificantly small issues that a normal person can hope to grasp.

Our tarnished, heavily biased, short sighted media is also made up of citizens. The pathetic attempt of CFR indoctrinated journalists to report the facts of any substantive issue would be hysterical if we were all not in the same boat paddling in foggy circles with a visibility of near zero. The only hope of overcoming the inhuman greed of the international financial oligarchy and its strangle hold on our Federal government, is to re-establish the “consent of the governed” through State’s Rights. Our U.S. Federal government has grown into an out-of-control cancer eating our freedom and our lives. The international financial oligarchy is intravenously, force-feeding this blind monster under the foolish delusion that it knows what it’s doing. It doesn’t!

If the citizens of the United States desire to remain free, and apparently that may be debatable; something akin to the following 10 Point Prescription For Freedom must be brought into play.

10 Point Prescription For Freedom

1. Vote all incumbent House Members out of office in November 2010. Vote all incumbent U.S. Senators out of office as their terms come up.

2. Demand that term limits be imposed – not to exceed two (2) terms, consecutive or non-consecutive, for all House Members and not to exceed one (1) term for U. S. Senate Members.

3. All Congressional salaries shall conform to the national average salary. All Congressional retirement benefits and health care benefits shall be abolished. All Congressional Members shall be given a housing allowance set per the lessor of the average rental rate for the Washington D.C. area or $1,500/month. All Congressional Members shall be reimbursed for commercial coach class air travel; $125/day maximum hotel/motel expense; and $30/day meal expense when traveling on Congressional authorized business. No other travel expense will be reimbursed and no government or military vehicles are to be available for Congressional use.

4. Repeal the 17th Amendment. Two (2) U.S. Senators shall be appointed for each of the several States by each State’s elected legislature, not by popular vote.

5. End “gerrymandering” – irregular Congressional redistricting. Set all Congressional District boundaries to conform to established survey section lines per equal population per district or equal area per district. Once set these district boundaries can no longer be revised.

6. Amend the 16th Amendment.
Delete the current wording “The Congress shall have power to lay and collect taxes on incomes, from whatever source derived, without apportionment among the several States, and without regard to any census or enumeration.”
Add the new wording “The Congress shall request taxes from the several States. Each of the several State’s legislatures shall lay and collect such taxes at their discretion and shall pay to the U.S. Treasury on behalf of Congress the amount agreed to by the various State legislatures by the date agreed upon.

7. Abolish the privately owned Federal Reserve System** of central banking.

8. Abolish the privately owned Internal Revenue Service** (IRS). All taxes contributed by the several States are to be deposited directly into U.S. Treasury accounts so designated for each State.

9. Abolish the privately owned Social Security System** over a period of ten (10) years.

10. Demand Federal enforcement of the 1799 Logan Act.

**Note: The Delaware Corporation Commission shows the Federal Reserve Banks, The IRS and Social Security to be privately owned corporations.

Remarks: The Federal government of the United States is too large to succeed. “The Peoples” White House, House of Representatives and U.S. Senate are raging out of control with corruption, favoritism and personal aggrandizement. “We the people” are no longer represented. The result is a Supreme Court being loaded with political hacks. The 10 points listed above, or something very much like them, will save our Constitutional Republic by re-establishing appropriate checks and balances through the three branches of government as originally instituted by our Founders and will eliminate the blight of career politicians. Serving “we the people” should be an honor and a sacrifice; not a well funded license to steal.

The checks and balances carefully put in place by our Founders have incrementally been destroyed over the past 100-years; sometimes by short sightedness; sometimes by evil design. Replacing these checks and balances renders Libertarian, Democrat, Republican, Independent, Marxist, etc. and whatever good or poor judgment and intent they each may bring to the table moot. The checks and balances automatically protect every citizen.

Without these checks and balances we have nothing more than another failed political system slowly suffocated by human avarice. With them in place, the American people and their allies have created the most equitable, most generous, most prosperous, most free society humans have yet devised. This is not the time to soil our own nest. Anthropologist Robert Ardrey in The Territorial Imperative claims that soiling one’s nest is a sure sign of coming extinction.

It is time to stop soiling our nest. It is time to stop blindly fighting for our own extinction. Pay attention; vote wisely and remember; Violence is the last alternative to impotence”. We must not allow ourselves to become intellectually, emotionally or politically impotent. Violence is not the answer.

“Government is not a solution to our problem. Government is the problem.” {Ronald Reagan}

Reagan was right!



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  2. Pretty nice post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say that I have really enjoyed browsing your blog posts. In any case I’ll be subscribing to your feed and I hope you write again soon!

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