08-05-2010: Progressive Job Saving

If it’s true that a picture is worth a thousand words; then it certainly follows that one saved job is worth a thousand newly created jobs.

Keynesian Economic Theory may have failed miserably in every experimental trial in every country tried throughout the world, but with a great deal of confidence, hyperbole and bashing of all other more workable economic concepts, such as free markets, we proudly unveil Obamanomics, the newest version of an old idea that has never worked; realizing of course, that it will work this time. Trust us!

The first critical pillar in the economic structure of Obamanomics intended to save jobs, (we can’t actually create anything) and promote the allusion of productive affluence throughout the United States is “PUNITIVELY HIGHER TAXES”. Think of this messianic brilliance this way. “Every free little penny you can happily find lying in the street; we will take and spend for you. If you don’t give it up we will put you in prison for the overall collective good.”

Now every successful small business owner knows or soon learns the real world truism “Growth Eats Cash”. Failure to plan for this causes serious bumps in the liquidity road and can lead to failure. It is said, many, if not most corporate bankruptcies occur in the year following the most profitable year the company ever had? Obviously then, NO PROFIT – NO GROWTH – LESS RISK – MORE JOBS SAVED. After all, a job saved is every bit as valuable as a job created, maybe more so and since no one is smart enough to measure this ambiguous concept, it is what we say it is. Hence the catchy new sound bite “RECOVERY SUMMER” sung in the face of rising unemployment, fleeing capital and hopelessness. American victims of progressive public education don’t know the difference so we’re good to go. We have a plan!

Here’s the ignorant layman’s low down on this. A business has to be successful in providing a good or service in order to generate profits from which investment in growth can be made. The business cannot grow if it cannot make money, although as Obamanomics advises, the business should just borrow the money regardless of whether it can be paid back. Why bother making it, which is extremely hard work. If there is a way the loan can be guaranteed by the Federal government, then the U.S. taxpayers can pay it back when it fails. This way, the bank is made whole plus realizing some very nice, zero risk, subsidized profits. The tax payer doesn’t know the difference and everybody’s happy. This is the way to sustain short term growth and effectively run an economy in awkwardly competitive world markets. The hell with long term consequences. As any Buddhist can tell you, “the future will never arrive”.

By the Federal government helpfully taking a great deal more of every business owner’s money, which is really the government’s anyway, thereby significantly reducing any available investment capital, not to mention diminishing their ability to survive at all; we not only gain the political side benefit of reducing a great deal of irritating middle class independence, but more importantly, we first eliminate any possibility of growth whatever, thereby reducing the risk of failure potentially resulting from growth, which indirectly “saves” jobs. Any fool can see the value in this, even voters. Secondly, and perhaps more importantly, the company may be driven out of business entirely, so that in the future there will be no possibility of creating new jobs, which might later be lost. This is a fool proof methodology for statistically saving jobs. Without the messianic brilliance of Obamanomics, these benefits could never be achieved by collective society. Mr. Obama should really be given a Nobel Prize for this. Wow! What a time to be alive!


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