08-06-2010: Tired of Tolerance For Islam?

The endless stream of Judeo / Christian rationalization required to justify continued openness and welcoming of the unbridled brutality and unyielding, backwardness of Islam into Western culture is exhausting, not to mention wrong. Sharia Law is an obscene disgrace in the face of honor and is insulting to human dignity and intelligence. Islam itself makes a mockery of our infinite Creator, by any name. For a so-called religious belief to be used as legal justification for weak, selfish, cowardly, depraved men to rape young, defenseless women and then have them stoned to death or hung till dead for adultery is societally despicable, morally unjustifiable and humanistically deplorable. For this sick, depraved, brain washing system that encourages honor killings of daughters and perverse, twisted, female genital mutilation to demand acceptance by any decent, just society is unacceptable.

Sharia Law recognizes no other law. This means that no Islamic Muslim can ever retain his or her Islamic faith while agreeing to abide by another legal system, such as that created by the United States Constitution. The two are not compatible as Sharia Law cannot recognize, nor respect our Judeo / Christian Rule of Law – ever. It is not permitted and, in fact, for any Islamic Muslim to deny Sharia Law is an automatic death sentence. Islam is not open to anything or anyone outside itself. For this closed minded, ignorant sect to demand openness and respect by others, while simultaneously refusing to provide the same courtesy to others is rationally preposterous. To think that people who agree with this ignorant mindset can successfully be assimilated into a Judeo / Christian culture is ridiculous and dangerous.

As if Islam weren’t already vile enough, making matters worse, the most visible and vocal members of Islamic leadership are the Twelvers, such as Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who obsessively believe in bringing about the conditions requisite for the return of the Twelfth Imam and The Caliphate; that is, world domination by Islam. The imagined necessary conditions require wreaking tremendous destruction upon the Great Satan, the United States and the Little Satan, Israel. What do you suppose Ahmadinejad will do with nuclear weapons? Defecate on his Twelver’s dream? Right – I don’t think he will either.

To suggest that the proposed “Ground Zero Mosque” is religious expression to be respected under our Constitutionally enumerated freedoms is no different than agreeing that ritual human sacrifice is an acceptable method of psychotherapy for the frustrated masses. This mosque is planned as a powerful, world wide political monument to Islamic victory over the infidels and non-believers and will serve as a great fund raiser for Islamic extremists who can point to it as living proof of the non-believer’s weakness and stupidity. Anyone who believes that history respects weakness and stupidity needs to read a little more history, because it doesn’t happen. The weak and stupid are dead. History was written by the victorious, who are generally not weak, nor stupid. This proposed mosque has nothing to do with religion or religious freedom; this mosque is about power and domination.

The world is being set up for World War III, which obviously will arise out of the insane Arab / Israeli conflict and the world appetite for oil. The laughable idea that 1.5 billion Islamic Muslims are terrified and threatened by 6 million Jews living on a rock the size of a postage stamp doesn’t bear serious discussion; yet the entire world hangs breathlessly on every word related to this horrible threat to Middle East peace. The peoples of the world should tattoo “STUPID” on their foreheads before allowing themselves to buy into this hogwash – but we have and to our detriment, we will.

The good people of Islam are being used, just as the infidels are; just as the Israeli’s are; all spoon fed and manipulated by the world’s financial oligarchy to believe in the hopeless necessity of destroying each other. The vast destruction and financial chaos across the globe resulting from this enormous conflict is supposed to result in the final takeover of all wealth and all people by the oligarchy families. It is the hoped for realization of Mayer Amshel Bauer’s (Rothschild’s) sick and twisted plan to reduce the world population to such a pitiful level of despair that they would finally beg for relief; which of course, only the oligarchy and their One World gulag could offer.

The fact that the innocent people of Islam are being conned and manipulated into taking a world view, which cannot have a positive outcome for anyone does not render them less dangerous for the fact of believing it; quite the contrary. On the other hand, the people of Islam, even the crazy ones have justifiable reasons for detesting American ignorance and naivete with regard to how the world’s financial elite misuse American power and good intentions for their own selfish purposes; purposes, which are frequently injurious or even enslaving to other less fortunate populations around the world. The average American is blind to this.

It is the good intentions, generosity and good heartedness of Americans that generally shields them from their own implicit involvement or role in oligarchy imperialism. Americans are frequently accused by the HISTORICALLY ignorant of imperialism themselves, which is clearly untrue. What is true, however, is that American might and freedom loving intentions are militarily misused by the world financial oligarchy to achieve its financial and political ends, while conning the American citizen and soldier into thinking it is freedom and democracy they are fighting for. Generally, both are at least partially true, which makes it arguably more difficult to find or see the truth. It is true that the American military and its allies liberated 25 million Iraqis from a brutal dictator; but the question remains – what other, less obvious, possibly conflicting goals were simultaneously accomplished for the oligarchy through this same action; and why isn’t the average American even aware of these possibly conflicting goals? Is ignorance an excuse? Many in the world legitimately ask this question? This obvious American ignorance is the reason America is hated in many places around the world, though Americans do not understand this and hence feel unjustly accused. Because journalism has failed us does not remove us from responsibility for our own actions nor for those perpetrated on our behalf or someone else’s behalf.

America has been conned. Europe has been conned. Islam and the Middle East have been conned. Israel has been conned. Sadly for the world, the innocence of all will not likely be sufficient to prevent the self annihilation of all. The only thing the people of Islam, the Jews, the Christians and the Atheists need to do to stop this insanity is to say NO. Just say NO and it’s done. World War III does not need to happen just because an insatiably greedy and evil oligarchy wants it too. It is not destiny unless we choose it.

Islamic terrorism, aside from oligarchic manipulation, has unfortunately become another matter in and of itself. The good people of Islam have chosen silence and therefore implicit support of their murderous, indoctrinated, now very dangerous brethren. They are then, by default and cowardice a significant part of the problem as without their complacence no mosque could even be built, nor could an extremist, destructive ideology be sustained. Basically the practical way to deal with the people of Islam is to have them return to their sandbox. Get them out of your country. As a practical matter, profiling alone doesn’t even begin to touch the problem and because of our politically correct, self induced stupidity we aren’t profiling anyway. The simple fact is that no male Islamic Muslim between the ages of fifteen (15) and forty-five (45) should be permitted the right to use public transportation, whether by air, sea, train or other. If we’re not smart enough to send them home, then at least let them walk or swim. I am under no moral obligation to play nice with a people whose ignorant and selfish beliefs require my destruction, whether manipulated or not. Survival of the species precludes it! Sorry!

It’s unfortunate that both the Middle East and the West have been thoroughly duped by the oligarchy. A diplomatic solution is always possible, though in order to debate one must first live. This requires self defense. Regardless of what mistakes the West or the Middle East have made; both are now stuck defending themselves as best they can. In the West, it is my view that the only safe and affordable path means the full and complete segregation of Islam from Western society. Anything less will continue to get thousands more people killed for no good purpose whatever, though the elite family members of the oligarchy may smile warmly and knowingly over their expensive, well aged, cognac.


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