08-18-2010: Progressive American Defense Assessment

Any progressive can readily explain that the best way to protect your country is to make it weaker. The theory proclaims the weaker you are the more likely that others will like you and will never harm you. National leaders Barack Obama, Cindy Sheehan and Jane Fonda are all huge on this concept. None of these realize that the reason they are completely safe in their unrealistic positions is because so far, the U.S. military, which they despise, has to their benefit, largely ignored them although in its defense (no pun intended) the Obama Administration has so far held firm on the policy established in the ’90’s of destroying U.S. military capability. For example the U.S. naval fleet is now about the same size as our regional navy of 1916, prior to World War I.

Passivism is a laudable concept and one I heartily agree with. Unfortunately, history’s appeasers are mostly slaves or dead. In any case, today’s modern progressive has become schizophrenically confusing. I can’t follow the thinking at all. Obama campaigned for President for two solid years as the left’s anti-war candidate. He nailed Hillary to the sidewalk on this issue even to demanding that crazed Islamic killers be brought into your neighborhoods and be treated more fairly than you or I ever would, should we decide to start blowing people up. Cindy was apoplectic about the Bush War for years and Jane was even tempted out of retirement for a short while. Lord, for a moment there it was like the crab infested sixties and the gonorrhea communes all over again.

Today the anti-war crowd is largely silent. You hear a squeak now and again from Cindy or Code Pink, but pretty much the status quo seems OK. What’s up with that. Obama promised ad infinitum to close down Guantanamo Bay within his first year in office. His holy followers were demanding that Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld be indicted for war crimes and be brought before an international tribunal prior to being hung for abusing freedom fighters. Today Guantanamo Bay prison is getting new flat screen TV’s, better board games, more hobby activities and is going strong. The Obama Administration is quietly shipping the freedom fighters to other less transparent locations for torture and the left seems to have evaporated. I don’t get it.

Obama promised for two years to bail on Iraq and bashed Bush brutally. The Bush Administration never set a date, but planned to begin some sort of withdrawal in late summer or fall of 2011. Obama has adopted the very same time table, but advertised the date (stupidly I might add) and claims he is the savior. Where’s the left? It’s pretty obvious that the U.S. isn’t leaving Iraq anytime soon. A major contingent will remain there. Where is the left?

Obama wasn’t particularly clear on Afghanistan, but claimed it was the “correct” war to fight, whatever that means? His Administration has now increased the number of troops by 30,000; has handcuffed these same troops with near suicidal rules of dis-engagement and has expanded the war into Pakistan. We are now still fighting a war with a strategy guaranteed to fail and are slowly engaging politically unstable Pakistan having a Muslim population of 140 million and nuclear weapons. To top it off Obama disgracefully fires his General and rehires Bush’s General. Where on earth is the left? The left wants American loser blood. They want Afghan loser blood. They want America’s nose rubbed in the smelly urine of ignominious defeat. Does the left think General Betraus as they call him intends to fail? Is failed Secretary of Mistake, Hillary poised and ready to publicly call General Petraeus, Obama’s new General a liar some more? This is so confusing.

Now we hear rumors of Hillary Clinton being touted to replace Gates as Secretary of Defense. That’s just about the frosting on the World War III cake isn’t it? Lord, we are in so much trouble. Let’s just do a quickie assessment of where the U.S. is at, but before I depress you with negativity, please realize that we still have voting booths in this country and we get to use them in November. Choose wisely though your choices may be limited.

Obama Administration accomplishments with Hillary at the Secretary of State helm are as follows. Bear with me because for just 18-months the list is impressive.

1. The U.S. is now officially bankrupt according to the May International Monetary Fund (IMF) report. Given the cost of military defense, Federal economic malfeasance is actually treason as all enemies of the U.S. are aided, comforted and abetted by our decline. Our friends will, of course, no longer be so well protected. This suggests a new tent city is in order for members of the House and Senate.
2. Bankrupt North Korea does anything it wants to and has basically told the U.S. and the world to go to hell. North Korean nuclear proliferation is going strong, no doubt still spurred on by the engaging encouragement provided by Clinton Secretary of State Madeleine Albright’s clever lapel pin(s). The Bush Administration called them “evil”, (not the lapel pins – the North Korean leadership) but did nothing untoward. Obama’s folks didn’t start this, but are carrying on as good little cheerleaders so in fairness I mention it. I would imagine the Obama Regime is now considering the North Korean starvation policy as “diet reform” for us little people at home in America. On a more positive side note, Hillary favors the lapel pins as well. Likely Wellesley College and Yale Law School can start offering lapel pin courses in international diplomacy.
3. Israel, our only friend in the oil soaked Middle East has been publically insulted, abandoned and hung out to dry. When Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu finally pulls the trigger on self defense against Iran, guess who Hillary will name as the bad guy? If something as foolish as the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand could result in WWI, then certainly this will ignite WW III. This is not a joke.
4. Under Hillary’s brilliant stewardship, Iran has told us to go to hell; openly moves forward with its nuclear program and openly and brazenly funds, trains, arms and transports suicidal maniacs to Iraq, Afghanistan and other parts of the world to kill Americans, American or Jewish allies and anyone else who isn’t Islam. Now they even kidnap liberal hikers who have no sense of direction. Doesn’t Iran know liberals love Islam? Where is Hillary when her liberal hikers need her? She’s probably busy cashing some of Bill’s checks from Dubai. I hear they’re really big even for a former POTUS. At least we can be confident that any lobbying being done by Bill that Hillary isn’t involved in is in the best interest of the United States. Can’t we? I mean, these are public servants. Right?
5. The Obama Administration carefully bows and scrapes to the terrorist financing, Saudi Royal Family as they generously paid for Barack’s Ivy League education and are a primary source of income for the Clinton family. No conflict of interest there, thank Allah.
6. The antiwar Obama Administration has now increased the opium poppy protection force in Afghanistan by 30,000 and has expanded Bush’s Afghan War into Pakistan. No problem there. Pakistan is likely the most unstable government in the Middle East, has an infidel hating Muslim population of about 140 million and a pocketful of nuclear weapons. This should put us all at ease.
7. The Obama Administration has publically spit on the UK by returning the gifted bust of Winston Churchill; gifting stupid gift shop CD’s to the Prime Mister and finally slapping Britain with no support over the continuing Falkland saga. No wonder the Bank of England holds a grudge.
8. The Obama Administration has slapped all of Europe in the face by its gutless surrender to Russia’s Putin on the Third Site missile defense system. This mess shows us that when you want to send a tough guy to speak on your behalf don’t send a community organizer.
9. The Obama Administration under Hillary’s courageous diplomacy openly sided with the Marxists against the good people and the Constitution of Honduras. This was certainly inspiring though given that both Hillary and Barack detest the American Constitution, it follows they would fail to respect that of Honduras. Apparently being a friend of the Obama Administration is harmful to freedom. Maybe the American public should pay attention?
10. The Obama Administration now has communist China lecturing the U.S. on its lack of fiscal responsibility. This is precious, or at least it would be if it weren’t true. Apparently bowing from the waist doesn’t merit any credit points.
11. The retarded Obama Administration and our feckless Congress have increased the ridiculous 8-year Bush deficit of nearly $500 billion to more than $1.3 trillion in less than 18 irresponsible months. They blamed Bush for it and the journalism majors in our sycophant press bought it hook, line and sinker. We now get to hear ten times a day how Obama’s spending is Bush’s fault. George W. and his “central banker insider” Treasury Secretary, Henry Paulson got it criminally wrong, but jee-crimminy, we still have to put up with tax cheat “central bank insider” Timmy Geitner who helped orchestrate the 2008 collapse from his expensive, over-sized, leather chair at the New York Fed? This is obscene and now Congress is back pushing for more “subprime” debt. Maybe failing upward in Federal government / banking corruption is the new American dream taught exclusively at Harvard.
12. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) in its mid-May report now predicts that the U.S. national debt will likely reach 100% of GDP in 2015. IMF suggests a percentage of U.S. debt reduction higher than that of Greece is now required to stave off disaster. Apparently this was Obama’s idea of how to return to fiscal responsibility. I for one am impressed. Ivy league schools must have great classes in denial, though the economic curriculum appears to be suffering. Henry Paulson is doing quite well underwriting new Goldman Sachs deals with our money I understand.
13. NASA has been defunded for space exploration and research, but more importantly is now an engaging Muslim outreach organization. I would anticipate the new Muslim Outreach program to sustain the same progress in materials and medical research and development as the old, outmoded NASA program. Wouldn’t you?
14. The Obama Administration champions “green” but doesn’t waste tax payer dollars on real research and development. Instead they subsidize wind, solar and eco-fuel technologies that are already proven not to be financially viable. All these technologies together will never provide more than 10% of North America’s energy needs, yet we subsidize them endlessly. It’s nice to be friends of government. Obama likes Government Motor’s new Volt. For $41,000 Government Motors will sell you an electric car that will likely quit within a 25-mile stop-and-go commute. 52% of its charge is statistically provided by a coal fired power plant. In reality 100% of it is. The green house gas savings is – where exactly? I didn’t hear you. Could you please repeat that?
15. Obama’s fawningly obsequious Administration under Hillary Rodham Clinton’s leadership diplomacy, particularly with China has the U.S. trade deficit soaring through the roof. The August 2010 year to date total is $285,100,000,000. Ain’t it great? This number was $0 on January 1st, 2010. Granted the U.S. typically runs trade deficits and this has worsened over the past few years, but numbers like this suggest calamity should foreign countries start dumping U.S. currency. Of course, the May IMF report suggests we don’t have to be concerned about this. Thank God. The side benefit of this deficit might be that as foreign competition kicks our butt into 2011, more U.S. layoffs are guaranteed. This will lower employer provided health care costs and wages as employers won’t be hiring. There’s always a bright spot somewhere when Obama’s hope and change is involved.
16. The Obama Administration has now wasted hundreds of billions of U.S. tax payer dollars on the Democrat slush fund known as “stimulus”. The only things stimulated were central banking bank accounts and friends of Democrat government. There is no stimulus and the U.S. is still hemorrhaging jobs. The good news is that no one has gone to jail for this corrupt abortion, more money has been stolen from tax payers to pay folks not to work some more and we have a new $26 billion just appropriated for teachers and such. Unfortunately, most school districts have already decided not to spend the money on – you guessed it – teachers. Nope – it’s mostly going to bankrupt union retirement accounts. It’s a great time to be alive!
17. American education has our kid’s test scores flat lining for five decades while our Democrat controlled schools have increased spending at several times the rate of inflation. Obama accuses conservatives of having no new ideas. He, however, has a great new one for improving our dismal education system. Throw more money at it!

I could list many more achievements, but I wouldn’t want the Obama folks to get swelled heads over it. For victims of public education that last was intended as a facetious remark. The bad news is Republican progressive lite won’t improve anything. We need term limits and new political blood, not more of these recycled RNC and DNC leeches we’ve been voting for. They’re all a parasitical waste of oxygen as far as what good they will do for “we the people”. We the people are on our own. We need to do our homework and vote knowledgeably. We will fix this mess eventually, but in the mean time I suggest setting aside some food, water and other stuff. There’s some bumps in the road coming up and we voted for ’em. It’s time to vote for a different tune.


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