08-19-2010: IMPEACH PELOSI NOW!!!

Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, the pathological liar ripping off the 8th Congressional District of California as well as the rest of the country has called for an investigation of the funding behind those who oppose the proposed Hamas Victory Mosque in downtown Manhattan. If polls are worth anything this will require our overblown intelligence apparati under upwardly failing Janet Napolitano to investigate 70% of the American population.

Only someone as pathetically ignorant and thoroughly corrupt as Nancy Pelosi would be capable of imagining that opposition to something as insulting as this Victory Mosque would require funding. How this plastic shadow of a shrew finds her way to her tax payer funded limousine to be taken to her tax payer funded private jet to spend another tax payer funded $60,000 for her weekend flight home is beyond me. This garbage in a skirt spends every waking minute of her corrupt treasonous life planning how to screw America and benefit Nancy. It doesn’t say much for the intellectual quotient of Californians.

At what point do the voters of this country stand up and demand that this staggering abuse of power and malfeasant servant of the people be removed? How dare this sack of putrescent garbage demand an investigation of decent American political thought. Who on earth does this corrupt, disgraceful lunatic think she is? How much more of this crap are we going to take? If your local newspaper has not already demanded this political pig’s resignation, then burn it without reading it and cancel your subscription because it isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on.

This Hamas Victory Mosque is about power. It has nothing to do with religion or freedom.

I am against this Hamas Victory Mosque Ms. Pelosi. I don’t confuse the word “tolerant” with “stupid”. You don’t need to investigate me and I don’t require funding to formulate an opinion. I – Nobody from Phoenix – demand Nancy Pelosi resign or be impeached immediately! She is a disgrace to our Constitutional Republic; a disgrace to the House of Representatives and a threat to human decency. This foolish, selfish woman is a prime example of a treasonous political hack declaring war on the people of our own country and attempting to criminalize opposing political opinion. She is dangerous.

This abuse of power is not acceptable!


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One response to “08-19-2010: IMPEACH PELOSI NOW!!!

  1. warpmine

    I’ve been demanding that someone lock into the guillotine for eight years now, but nothing. Yes I know it’s un-American but hey, so is she so let’s give it the old American effort.

    On a positive note, if we can run a few heads through this machine, I’m relatively certain that Congress would act a bit more responsible.

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