08-19-2010: Moocher In Charge

America is learning the hard way that people who live on the public dole should not be given positions of responsibility. Barack and Michelle Obama are very costly examples. Michelle’s only known job was a part time diversity sham for which she did nothing and earned more than $350k annually. Now that there is some good mooching, I don’t care who you are. The job, of course, was just a political favor to buy return favoritism with her corrupt husband who was a corrupt Senator at the time. I guess being bribed with only $30k per month wasn’t sufficient for her to think America is a nice country. Michelle the professional churlish moocher now has 21 highly paid servants, most of them with assistants, all of whom you and I pay for.

Her mooch of a husband has long since been bought and paid for. He’s so chock full of lies he isn’t allowed to speak to fifth graders without a teleprompter. His Harvard education was purchased by a Saudi Royal Prince, but don’t let that lead you to believe he’s Muslim. I imagine the Saudi Royal family frequently buys Ivy League educations for Christians – don’t they? Aren’t they the ones known for tolerance? Barack Hussein Obama – strong Christian name there – claims to be Christian, but occasionally away from the teleprompter has mentioned being Muslim. Does this happen a lot at your church? I haven’t heard many Christians mistakenly refer to themselves as Muslim. Maybe this is an Indonesian or Kenyan cultural habit? No. couldn’t be – Barack is a native born American. Isn’t he?

What are we up to now: six or is it eight 1st Family vacations so far in 18-months? Wow. I’m sure in the wrong business. My wife and I haven’t had eight vacations in twenty years. Apparently being what used to be the most powerful political leader in the world is a whole lot less demanding than running a small civil engineering business. Who’d a thought? Can Barack spell “work ethic”? Didn’t think so!

It appears that the Moocher in Chief wouldn’t know a day’s work if it fell on him. Good thing he and Michelle got that life long pension sowed up. Bet they won’t be on PPACA rationed care either will they? I wonder how many of Michelle and Barack’s family friends now earning White House salaries at our expense for doing nothing will also have those life long pensions sowed up? How long does it take for a West Winger to get vested benefits? A lot of these over paid czars look like friends as well. If these Chicago free loaders have an extended family we’re in for even more serious spending. Can you spell nepotism? Michelle can.

Sometimes in life we just have to admit we got taken. Screwed, if you prefer the vernacular. This is one of those times. There’s no shame in it, but how long are we gonna let this continue? I don’t know about you guys, but it’s gettin’ pretty lean around our house. I’m a little tired of gettin’ mooched.

I say let’s fire the bums.

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One response to “08-19-2010: Moocher In Charge

  1. warpmine

    “Who’d a thought? Can Barack spell “work ethic”? Didn’t think so!”
    He can’t provide diction for the term either.

    If you immerse the two of them in salt, will they dry up.

    Just heard via Rush Limbaugh that if Obama goes in the water, the risk of being affected by deseases resulting from fecal matter exposure are greatly increased. I suppose that makes Obama a TURD!

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