08-22-2010: World War III

Final arrangements are now being made for the grand opening of World War III. The schedule hasn’t been locked in, but the plot has been written, the theater has been hired, the props are being constructed, the players have been invited to the stage and are busy choosing sides, though they likely don’t realize the sides were determined long ago. The sides don’t matter much anyway. The name of the game is WIN OR LOSE. What matters is the war itself, the money to be made and the One World, political power shift that will inevitably result regardless the apparent winner. In terms of freedom and individual liberty, all winners in this war are losers, just as in WW I and WW II. The insanely greedy, world financial oligarchy is sipping fine wine, cognac and doing its director thing; the major world populations have been thoroughly conditioned and propagandized, have read for their parts and are all now salivating for a part, any bit part in this grand tragedy, the “Mother of All Plays”.

Unfortunately, this isn’t a dress rehearsal, nor a play; it’s real life and we’re all in it for real. I suspect, as citizens and voters, in the U.S. at least, we should have paid more attention to the motivations and positions of our supposed political representatives. Freedom is a serious task master and we have wandered seriously off task. Our country is now led by insipid morons and corrupt, cowardly, self agrandizing losers. The world population has now trapped itself as players to the death on planet earth, just as the unwilling students of Koushun Takami’s novel, Battle Royale were trapped on the island of Kyushu to play out their grisly battle for survival. How will it turn out? Must it happen? Can it be avoided? If “we the people” don’t wake from our political coma soon and get off this bus, it is guaranteed to turn out badly and will inevitably become a self fulfilling prophesy. The oligarchy are masters of the inevitable. Just has the students of Battle Royale were drugged while on their bus and were transported to an unknown destiny, “we the people” have been asleep and are finding it difficult and challenging to regain consciousness. We continue to sleep at our family’s peril.

WW III is intended to accomplish a number of things that the oligarchic families would like to see. First of all, there’s always good money for the oligarchy in financing both sides or all sides of any war. Lord knows how many staggeringly, beautiful yachts have been paid for and sail regularly, powered with this blood soaked money. Secondly, the earth’s population will be significantly reduced. The oligarchy families don’t like the little people wasting resources that can better be utilized by the oligarchy for their own future purposes. It is the oligarchy’s judgment that there are far too many little people on earth to be useful. It does not require 100 little people to polish a Bentley, nor to cook a souffle. Dead little people potentially make good fertilizer and in any case, no longer waste precious non-renewable resources.

I don’t pretend to have any idea what the intended schedule for the grand opening of WW III is; I’m just an over the road truck driver with too much time to think on his hands. Most likely there will be an opening act or two before the grand finale. For example, Israel has just been cast for the lead role as protagonist in the first act. Iran is the antagonist. Benjamin Netanyahu is a very smart, very tough guy. He has always staunchly stood against Israel giving up any of its postage stamp size land. Such compromise in the past has simply and conveniently relocated the Islamic rocket launch sites for thousands of rockets closer to major Israeli population centers; and bolstered the 1985 intifada, resulting in untold misery, mutilation, death and sorrow for both Israelis and Palestinians.

Yet, suddenly Netanyahu is generously and cooperatively volunteering compromise and talks with Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas. What? Why is this happening on the birthing eve of Iranian nuclear power? I suspect the average Palestinian would prefer a real life to continuous slaughter, but Palestinian leadership has been historically obsessed with the wholesale destruction of Israel at any cost. You may as well discuss opportunity with a stump as with Palestinian leaders. Maybe Abbas has had a change of heart? Who knows, but I doubt it? These silly talks are a great photo op for both Hillary and Barack, who will likely be incompetently all over it; all over the New York times that is. Neither of them can stand face to face with Benjamin Netenyahu and remain on their feet, looking him in the eye for even a minute. Won’t happen. The U.SA. will gain nothing from these talks except photo op time for both Barack and Hillary prior to the November elections.

What does Netenyahu have to gain? This is obvious. Former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, John Bolton told us last week that these talks have nothing to do with Iran. Bolton usually has it right, but why would he say something so naive? Did he adopt this strange position as a result of this year’s Bilderberg meeting? Just kidding. Clearly Netanyahu has no choice, but to attack Iran before Iran gains nuclear weapons. The entire world has timidly backed off even discussing the insane Iranian leadership in realistic terms. The President of the United States can hardly be identified as anything less than an animated Islamic cheer leader. This leaves Israel with having to defend itself and be the GO-TO country. Given the limited choices available, Netanyahu is making the only play left open. He is garnering all the geopolitical capital and good will he can prior to attacking Iran. Next week’s White House talks are a throw away negotiation as Palestinian leadership will never agree to anything short of Israel’s destruction anyway. Netanyahu understands this more clearly than anyone and must do what he has to do.

This well orchestrated Iranian disaster is just the opening act and we don’t know how quickly it may escalate; but short of a miracle, it surely will. Russia, China, Korea and Pakistan are already lined up behind Iran. Europe and Japan, for their own protection will line up behind the U.S. Australia and Canada will do what Australia and Canada always do; and they won’t be on the side of Islamic jihad. India will be left with no options, the same as Israel. The lines in the sand are already drawn. If we don’t wake up soon, the predominant color in the world will be red and much of it will be our own.

One possible miracle would be for the average American voter, whether Democrat, Republican, Libertarian or Independent to realize that our elected and appointed Federal government has sold us down the oligarchy’s creek without a paddle. Why should anyone in the U.S., or Europe for that matter give two hoots what goes on in the Middle East. The Middle East sand box has no importance or significance in the world other than that which has been artificially orchestrated and created. The created importance is, of course, oil for an oil driven world economy. The oligarchy has conditioned our government(s) to ignore and even fight or damage our own independent oil sources thereby creating a significant world wide dependence on the Middle East. Russian and American oil resources alone dwarf Middle East oil reserves, yet we are blindly conditioned to remain dependent upon an Islamic culture and ideology that detests us as infidels and dreams of world domination. We are all pawns in this very real game.

The good people of the Middle East are being used and manipulated just as the West is. If you think about this, it’s pretty stupid for either Russia, America, Europe or the Middle East people to buy into this hateful nonsense; but we all have and in doing so have constructed a Middle East dependency which has now become the sensitive, hair trigger for World War III. Israel as the main mark, is forced to pull the trigger and then this nuclear war – and it will be nuclear – will bring the world’s thoroughly conned population, particularly the American middle class to its bloody knees, so that once and for all the oligarchy will finally have re-established world wide feudalism under their control.

Obviously I have come to believe that the American and European political systems are badly broken and are now easily manipulated to their own misfortune by the world’s financial oligarchy for its own greedy ends. This is a sad situation with a possible tragic ending, but it can easily be fixed for the entire world by individual American citizens standing up and proclaiming “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH”. If the little people will stand together the oligarchy is stopped in its bloodthirsty, immoral tracks. There is nothing the oligarchy can do if “WE” say “NO”. If America refuses to play the game or to enter onto the stage; it’s game over; curtain down. As citizen’s we have this power. The question is do we have the courage and good sense to use it?

The U.S. Constitutional Republic based on the unalienable rights and human dignity granted by virtue of our Creation, by our Creator and as enumerated by our Founders is the salvation of our freedom and the preservation of freedom for the rest of the world. WE each have a moral responsibility to stand up to this task; or not. Not to choose is to choose. I hope for the sake of our world’s children we all wake up and choose.



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2 responses to “08-22-2010: World War III

  1. But not one single thing that you said gives the government the right to stop the mosque. Protest the mosque. Do creative things like building the gay bar next door, but the President was 100% right when he said that they have a First Amendment right to build it there.

    • thekolinskichronicle

      You’re absolutely correct. The right to build is not in question, but that wasn’t my point was it? Whether another mosque is built or not doesn’t have much to do with anything. The blatant manipulation of public sentiment and belief is another matter entirely. The issue is not whether or not to build the mosque, but why do they suggest building it in the first place. If you’re not able to grasp the significance of this issue and its potential impact on your own independence , then political correctness has done its job and done it well. My issue is not religious belief. My issue is freedom and an abhorrence for anyone or anything who or that opposes it. Iran’s Ahmadinejad said just this morning, “Death to America! Death to Israel!” Islam is dedicated to world domination and the elimination of any belief system that opposes it. I will never embrace that.

      The followers of Islam are being manipulated toward hatred just as we are. It’s unfortunate and unfair, but we still have to deal with it.

      Thanks for visiting and commenting.

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