08-23-2010: Is The U.S. Press Free?

The U.S. and the world is uselessly a-buzz, like giggly kindergarten school children, as to whether the perpetually vacationing Barack Hussein Obama is Muslim or Christian. First of all, it doesn’t matter as the U.S. doesn’t have a “religious test” criteria for public office. It does matter that Barack Hussein Obama has been known by several different names over time and that he has never produced a birth certificate demonstrating his legal qualification as a “natural born Citizen” as required by Article 2, Section1 of our Constitution to serve as President of the United States. This is significant as he appears to vehemently hate the politically independent, United States middle class and actively promotes policy deleterious to United State’s interests. More importantly, it matters that our supposedly “free press” has never vetted Barack Hussein Obama in the three and a half (3 1/2) years he has been a national and world public figure. Why?

We could leap to the conspiratorial conclusion that Mr. Rupert Murdoch and friends came down from on high, taking valuable time from their very important Bilderberg, Royal Institute of International Affairs (RIIA) and Council On Foreign Relation (CFR) meetings to order all internationally, interlocked news conglomerate employees “to never, ever ask who Barrack Hussein Obama is or question what rock he crawled from under”…but that didn’t happen, did it? Even a heavily indoctrinated Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism grad has to retain some vestige of self respect. When un-informing large numbers of little people, even when most are considered stupid beyond belief by the majority of today’s elite journalism grads, some modicum of subtlety is employed. Rupert and friends are seldom guilty of “stupid is as stupid does”.

No, the true disgrace; the ignominious tragedy really; is that the voters of the United States of America voted into the office of President, a man they know nothing, or at least, very little about. This is truly “stupid is as stupid does”. The question is not whether Obama is Muslim or Christian; the insulting and over-riding question is “WHY DON’T WE KNOW”? WHERE IS THE PRESS?

You could tell me that investigative mistakes were made. You could tell me that facts became confused and those facts can later be clarified; but none of this holds any water because no facts were ever forthcoming. None! Nothing could become jounalistically confused or even editorialized because no facts were offered. Again the question is why? If we have a free press, why isn’t it busy pressing? Why is our press not inquisitive? Something is radically missing here and what’s missing poses a serious threat to our Constitutional Republic. Uninformed voters cannot vote knowledgeably in any case, which renders the national intelligence quotient moot. Does not our free press carry the burden of responsibility to inform along with its protected right to free speech? Freedom is never free and it appears the U.S. press is no longer free. This is no longer arguable is it; but the question remains – if our press isn’t free, then what is it? It doesn’t act like Pravda. It does act like Al Jazeera much of the time, but that doesn’t answer the question.

The obvious answer to our question, “Is the U.S. press free”, or at least one obvious answer to our question is as follows. The owners and editors of international media conglomerates generally, U.S. conglomerates specifically, do not impose thought and/or speech restrictions on their reporters and commentators. They don’t have to. All any media conglomerate has to do to impose a rigorous bias in its reporting and commentary is employ people from the top down, who exhibit the desired bias. Bang, you’re done. Problem solved. Immediate propaganda central with no conspiracy required. Intellectual honesty evaporates into a shared corporate structure rendered inviolate by simple peer pressure. That’s our pathetic national press corp today and it certainly is not worthy of the name press, nor the term journalism and it sure as Hades has no ability to sustain free markets or a Constitutional Republic. This non-free press folks, is hazardous to your freedom. It makes no practical difference whether the press is under dictatorial, Comintern lock down or self imposed censorship. It is no longer news functional in either case and its sole purpose becomes dissemination of propaganda per whatever bias line is currently in vogue. We cannot vote intelligently using the current press corp garbage as a basis.

So, when journalism degenerates into cowardly pandering and obsequious fawning over narrow peer pressured views, what do we do? What we do is, burn what has already been delivered. Cancel your subscription(s) immediately. Turn the channel. Turn your radio dial. Shut the machines off if you have to. If your preferred media outlets are not factual or acceptably objective – dump ’em. None of these outlets can survive without an audience. The audience has control, but only if the audience exercises selectivity and discrimination in its purchases. This is the beauty of free markets. However, if the audience refuses to invoke standards, then it cannot expect standards to be upheld. That isn’t human nature. Garbage in, garbage out. That pretty much sums up the U.S. press today and it sums up our abysmal voting record as well. The two run together. Freedom requires vigilance at all times. “You snooze, you lose!” Societal freedom cannot exist without an informed electorate.

Our U.S. press is ignorantly and destructively biased beyond imagining, but it can be made useful again simply by the audience demanding truth in reporting and honesty in editorializing. A balance of differing opinion is necessary to a functioning free society. Conformance is not. Demand factual reporting and investigative truth with your audience pocketbook and you’ll quickly begin receiving it. If not, it won’t be long and even our wallets will go missing. When that and our free markets are gone, then what will we do? What did Stalin, Mao and Hitler do? Most of my wallet is already gone.


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