08-27-2010: America’s 2012 Depression; Letter To The Elite

Every western country on earth that has foolishly gone socialist at the hands of the elite are now bankrupt or nearly so. The Russian people were brutally beaten to their financial knees by the elite. Canada has been more rationally moderate than most, but is still staunchly in the race to red. European independence has pretty much been wiped out; or at least it so appears on the surface, though Germany has fortunately kept its economic head screwed on fairly tightly. Poland is doing fairly well in the midst of European Union chaos and Australia seems healthy. Badly mauled China is now holding growth near 10%, though its Draconian methods and technology theft are hardly compelling. The U.S. has stubbornly lagged behind for years in this race to red, but the big bay in her red, white and blue colors is being whipped gamely down the home stretch now.

Wilson and FDR labored mightily for the elite and successfully birthed a freedom killing, independence suffocating, Progressive cancer and deceitfully installed the Federal Reserve criminal enterprise and its bastard child, the progressive income tax used to fund two World Wars, the Korean War, Vietnam and now the permanent Overseas Contingency, which heralds the eagerly anticipated nuclear, World War III. Trilateral Commission puppet, Jimmy Carter successfully planted the seeds of U.S. financial destruction in 1977 and single handedly de-stabilized the Middle East, bolstering the Twelvers and thereby gifting the world with Hamas, Hezbollah, al-Qaeda along with a virulent distrust , even hatred of a tiny little country created for just this purpose by the oligarchy, called Israel.

Both Carter and Clinton dutifully did everything possible to weaken the U.S. military and both made a fine job of it. Bush 43’s Congress timidly took the U.S. to nearly $500 billion in the hole over eight years, but Obama, the come from nowhere, organizer man, has had his traitorous, Democrat Congress super humanly catapult the U.S. to more than $1.3 trillion in the hole in just 18-months. Now that there is traitorous organizing; I don’t care who you are. Even the IMF and World Bank (the parasitic organizations actually receiving your U.S. tax dollars courtesy of the privately owned Federal Reserve funnel) is proudly acknowledging U.S. bankruptcy success. The American middle class is nearly dead of regulatory and taxation suffocation. World feudalism will be re-established shortly; or so the elite earnestly hope. They only hope, of course, because they don’t pray. The ultimate oligarchy goal of establishing a world population consisting of the elite, its ruling class pets and its slaves, is within sight.

The world’s elite financial oligarchy is beaming from their elegantly moored, tax payer funded yachts like a proud baronial family with Barack Hussein Obama’s success. The Chosen One has done and is doing his job. One hundred fifty year old single malts are being carefully pulled from dusty cellars and opened for the celebration of Mayer Amshel Bauer’s (Rothschild’s) 1773 dream of conquest finally emerging from dark paneled, dream land to concrete reality. Dedicated ruling class pawns the traitorous likes of Bush 41, Bill and Hillary Clinton, Alan Greenspan, Henry Kissinger and Zbigniew Brzezinski are practically giggling with delight over the gruesomely hard work of lying over these difficult past decades finally coming to fruition for their wealthy international masters. 2010 is a great year for the oligarchy, but 2011 and 2012 will truly live in financial history as America’s financial independence finally collapses into the ash heap of the long since removed, twin towers. With the death of American freedom; world freedom likely breathes its last. There is no need to rebuild the World Trade Center in Manhattan. The world’s financial center has returned to London.

There is only one problem with the elite’s pre-collapse celebration. They have seriously underestimated both the strength, drive and courage, not only of the American middle class, but also that of our Canadian, European, Australian, African, Chinese, Indian and Middle Eastern brothers and sisters. The elite have mistakenly come to believe their own lies and it is their fatal mis-step. History, even elitist redacted, lying history frowns upon liars and small minded, greedy thieves; and that’s all the oligarchy are – well dressed thieves. The elite thieves should enjoy their celebration because it will be short lived. The elite has neglected to consider that they are just a group of cowardly thieves, with thin little white legs beneath their expensive socks and that the wealth they cleverly stole was actually created and built by those from whom they took it. The strength and power resides within the builders, not the thieves, though the builders don’t realize it – yet.

It is too late for the world economy to stop the well planned, immanent, global financial collapse. A few less taxes here; a little less spending there; a few more political campaign lies; a little deflation; a little inflation; all this is like a small family of fleas trying to drag a dead elephant across the African plains. The ruling class pawns have done their ignorant job and done it well. Financial collapse is imminent and certain. World War III is imminent and certain. It will be nuclear and it will be devastating. It will not, however, be completely fatal. Some of us will live. We live in denial now. I’m just a lunatic conspiracy theorist. That’s OK because what any of us thinks at this point, no longer matters. “We ain’t seen bad; but it’s comin’.” Prepare to protect your family, friends and neighbors as best you can. That’s all that’s important anyway. Anything beyond love is a distraction.

Just as the curtain was finally pulled back from the great and fabulous Oz by the small little Todo to reveal a tiny, shrewd, old man; so will the coming cataclysm tear aside the curtain of invisibility from the elite international oligarchy. Their seeds of destructive power have surely grown the certainty of their own demise. When the smoke rises, the starving are gone and the radioactive dust settles; there will be nowhere left to hide for the elite. It will not be as they imagine. Their evil will be exposed for all survivors to see and justice will be done by the strong who remain. This sad story has a happy ending – just not for us.


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