10-29-2010: America Celebrates Loss; Islam Is The Reward

Remember the adage “The enemy of my enemy is my friend”. This accurately sums up the gruesome marriage of the power hungry Left to wannabe world dominating Islam, both at the manipulative behest of our insatiably greedy international financial oligarchy. Both the destructive Left and Islamic ignorance hold hands in virulently detesting freedom and hating anything and everything associated with it. The Left generously does not promise to brutally murder you over a difference of opinion by grotesquely decapitating you with a rusty scimitar; Islam does. Islam is a pseudo-religion that outlived its usefulness to civilization several bloody centuries ago.

The Left on the other hand will simply starve you to death and blame the Czars or Bush. The Leftist track record so loved by Hollywood confirms hundreds of millions starved, tortured, imprisoned and murdered by their empathetic heroes, Lenin, Mao, Castro, Pol Pot, etc. They proudly sport colorful t-shirts with pictures of butcher Ernesto “Che” Guevara. Our favorite journalism morons and pundits can be counted on either to lie or opine stupidly depending on their indoctrinating alma mater. We have become pathetic comic book, caricatures of our past, cowering timidly beneath political correctness; afraid to speak or even acknowledge the simple and obvious truth. If this remains our willing choice; we cannot possibly remain free. Freedom requires courage, truth, honor and dignity. The Left and its new foot soldier Islam offer none of these.

How about a biblical adage, say Matthew 7:20? “You can tell a tree by its fruit”. What does it matter whether Obama, a known liar, incapable of shutting his mouth for even ten minutes, claims to be Christian or Muslim? Obama couldn’t find the truth if he tripped on it. High crimes and misdemeanors champion, Barack Husein Obama is a well publicized, demonstrative, not to mention proud, Islamic supporter. He publically bows to Islamic leaders. His destructive policies, both domestic and foreign, reek of U.S. hatred specifically and drip with malevolence toward liberty generally. He has dishonored our country and Judeo-Christian heritage, insulted every friend and embraced every enemy of human dignity, yet fully half the country thinks he’s doing a good job. Doesn’t say much for American education or survival instinct does it? Says even less about ignorant, gutter journalism.

Our American celebration of loss has become so pandemic I can’t help but wonder if it’s a Bilderberg Steering Committee strategy dreamed up by David Rockefeller, Vernon Jordan, Paul Wolfowitz, Henry Kissinger or some other traitorous, Logan Act violating, slime to condition Americans to value loosing. There was a time when America and her allies celebrated victory and life. Today our supposed leaders assure there is no victory, despise life and apparently are conditioning us to celebrate loss. How motivational. How uplifting. How patriotic.

In America today we openly and enthusiastically celebrate and construct death monuments to victim hood and murder. We do it in Washington D.C., Manhattan, Oklahoma City, New Orleans and God knows where else. I’m sorry, but this is sick. We appropriately mourn murder, not celebrate it. Islam and the Left celebrate death as a victory dance and a vibrant path to power and domination. For any civilization to adopt such backward, self mutilating thinking is a sign certain of coming extinction. The will to live and to love has apparently been extinguished.

We foolishly elected a President and Congress that by intent or ignorance, but certainly by action, hate our country, our people and our friends. For God’s sake, do we have to hate ourselves as well? Know them by their fruit. Vote knowledgeably. Pay attention.


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