09-01-2010: Unwashed Rising

The American middle class population of 2010 is slowly waking from its progressive propaganda induced coma. Both the conservative and liberal establishment elite are terrified and have taken to incoherent stuttering as a new media dialect punctuated with hateful mantras against mothers, grizzly bears and grandparents. The unwashed American mass is apparently giving serious consideration to defending itself. History has demonstrated more than once that waking this mass has consequences. Threatening this mass has consequences and this unwashed mass is not only threatened; it is being aggressively attacked by its own Federal government.

Both the conservative and liberal elite despise the unwashed masses whose honesty, hard work, determination and courage built America; and having built her, also defend her with their own blood. The strength of the American Main Street has risen out of respectful differences; not conformance. The parasitic elite demands hateful separation of the masses with its left hand as it continuously promotes black against white, Hispanic against everybody, hetero against gays, State against State, atheist against spiritual belief, men against women, young against old, haves against have-nots, etc. Yet with its elite right fist raised in hatred and defiance of I’m not sure what, it demands absolute conformance to its ignorant concept of collectivist, social injustice. Casual independent opinion is demonized, despised, ridiculed and laughed at. Strident independent opinion is hated and in many cases openly threatened.

A photograph of a plastic, Catholic crucifix drowned in urine, named Piss Christ is displayed since 1987 in elite art houses not only as free artistic expression; but as “necessary and important” expression. Christ’s Mother Mary, in a painting named The Holy Virgin Mary painted over and decorated with elephant dung is a form of high level, elite social commentary on display since 1999. I’m not elite enough to understand what important point is expressed by photographer Andres Serrano or painter Cris Ofili with their disrespect and lack of consideration. I partially understand the anguish that leads to such hateful forms of expression and do fully understand the futility it impotently engenders. Unfortunately, “violence is the last alternative to impotence”. We do not want to become intellectually, artistically or politically impotent.

I read once that people who curse do so only because their vocabulary is insufficient to adequately express their thoughts and emotions. (I must confess that I find myself cursing a great deal lately.) If this is true then certainly a somewhat distasteful empathy or perhaps more appropriately, a certain compassion should be felt for a person who can express themselves only with urine and excrement. That said, to what extent is it acceptable for decent people to be so demonized and ostracized by others within their own society? I was reminded once, at the angry, Red Book carrying age of fourteen (summer of ’65), by a friend’s Father that “we may not like society, but we still have to live in it”. He was correct in his observation and I believe he meant that despite our differences even to the point of hostility, a civilized society requires some level of mutual respect and restraint if it is to successfully continue to communicate and survive.

I only bring recent art history up to demonstrate that today’s vitriol, which we are apparently to accept as political discourse has devolved into the mindless equivalent of urine soaked, verbal excrement. Politics and vitriol run naturally together, but we have reached a point of diminishing returns. I doubt we can successfully maintain a Constitutional Republic at our current level of non-discourse and mis-communication. As a practical matter America has no leaders worthy of the name. Moral integrity has been banished from Washington D.C. and most of our State capitals. We the people are now on our own and are entirely reliant on “divine providence” if we hope to survive and prosper as our Founders did so long ago.

Alveda King, niece of Martin Luther King and daughter of A.D. William King, both of whom (in my opinion) gave their lives for civil rights, has it non-violently correct. Love, given a chance will conquer hate and allow equal opportunity to flourish. As Americans it is of paramount importance that we venture out to the voting booths this November, 2010 and in every election thereafter. It doesn’t matter whether the Council On Foreign Relations, Royal Institute of International Affairs, Bilderbergs or any other shadow group control our country. We can still non-violently vote their castrated, pawn, candidates out of office. It will take decades to rid ourselves of this corrupt garbage and replace it with honest people’s representatives, but consistent knowledgeable voting will get it done eventually.

WE THE PEOPLE built this country and WE THE PEOPLE will resurrect it from the smoldering ashes of ignorance left by the mindless parasites who work so hard to progressively destroy her. We do not work for government! Government works for us! Government will re-learn this at the voting booth – if we vote knowledgeably and dare I say it? Pray for guidance!


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