09-05-2010: Conditioned American Slavery

Federal U.S. government regulation has de-evolved into a solid, well fed, illegal, unconstitutional, support system for international, mega-monopolies who now routinely have all major Federal regulations written for their own exclusive benefit in taking advantage of “we the people”. Government regulation has become the predominant tool of choice for special interests to obtain special monopoly rights freeing them from the onerous competition of free markets and level playing fields.This crime also applies to illegal, unconstitutional, Federal legislation such as the so called “health care reform” and “financial reform” now written exclusively and typically by outside special interests and then voted and passed without reading by the negligent, career criminals we currently have treasonously squatting in our House of Representatives and U.S. Senate. Our two Houses of Congress could aptly be renamed “The People’s Houses of High Crimes and Misdemeanors”. There are very few who wouldn’t wear the hat. When “we the people” no longer have a substantive voice in government; “we the people” are slaves of whoever does have that voice.

Phrases such as Federal regulation, environmental controls, consumer protection, anti-trust or comprehensive immigration reform issued from the mouths of thoroughly corrupt Federal officials and indoctrinated Representatives are now our people’s cue to bend over, grab our ankles and smile broadly, because something big, something painful, something we won’t enjoy at all is coming our way. As CFR parrot, U.N. cheer leader and One World Governance proponent, our pseudo-vice president, Joe R. Biden, Jr. so proudly and famously claimed “It’s time to be patriotic … time to jump in, time to be part of the deal, time to help get America out of the rut.” Apparently Junior is convinced by CFR that an American foot soaking in economic recession as a generous prelude to a long, cold bath filled with economic depression bubbles is the way to lead your countrymen to prosperity and is his personal pinnacle of honor and service. Service to whom, we might ask?

I don’t know of one single, elected official or appointed official in all of Washington D.C., who has raised any serious objection, any loud objection to the obvious and serious conflict of interest posed to continued self government by a criminal front organization such as the Apollo Alliance or Goldman-Sachs being not only directly involved, but actually writing our Federal legislation that becomes law for 308 million Americans. There is no word for this corrupt behavior of our duly elected officials other than criminal larceny; accompanied by such appropriate adjectives as malfeasant, abhorrent, immoral, irresponsible, negligent and treasonous.

Disappointingly, nearly half the American voting population still believes our pseudo-president and criminal Congress are doing a decent job. This is simply frightening. If you had told me just ten years ago that my elected Federal Representatives would be routinely allowing and accepting outside special interests to hand craft Federal legislation for themselves and that these same Representatives would agree to vote on and pass this same special interest garbage without even pretending to read it; I would have chuckled. I’m no longer chuckling. When a candidate is elected to public office there is a burden of responsibility accompanying that office, which extends directly to and binds the person holding it. It is time to hold our elected representatives liable for their criminal actions. Enough is enough!

Criminal slime appropriately resides in prison, not the posh restaurants and clubs of Washington D.C. – all on our nickel. I see no reason why the good, decent, hard working, American people, uninformed or not, should continue paying for the privilege of being robbed and economically subjugated by a selfish, egocentric, very foolish ruling class that couldn’t find integrity or honor if it fell on their Harvard mis-educated heads. I also don’t see any point in being nice about it. A Yale thief is just a thief. A Columbia University indoctrinated criminal is just a criminal, whether elected or not. When something in your kitchen trash can starts to stink, take it outside. Get rid of it. We have no social obligation to immerse ourselves in garbage. Why is Congress or our White House any different? Garbage is garbage; just get rid of it. It’s our House!

When a media drone like Bill O’Reilly begins complaining six months after the completely obvious fact about his health insurance rates miraculously and surprisingly rising to new heights due directly to “special interest written” government regulatory mandates – duh – O’Reilly does not bear the responsibility of elected public office. It is not illegal for Bill O’Reilly to be ignorant or duplicitous in these United States. However, when a corrupt special interest pawn, the likes of Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of OUR House, publically states “We have to pass the bill to see what’s in it” – she should be, must be, impeached immediately and then tried for treason against the American people. Ms. Pelosi has the right to be ignorant; she does not have the right to be duplicitous. Our failure as voters to cry loudly from the roof tops in demanding this action at all, this removal of an infectious cancer, foreshadows our dubious future as “SPECIAL INTEREST SLAVES”. We will receive what we didn’t ask for; unless we stop it – while we still can.

Former President of CBS News, Richard Salant once stated:
“Our job is to give people not what they want, but what we decide they ought to have.”

The late Richard S. (moron) Salant was, of course, a CFR drone as was Katharine Graham and as is Don Graham, Katharine Weymouth, Kieth Rupert Murdoch and so many other media owners and managers. We the people of the United States are being powerfully conditioned by our hapless mass media and pathetic, integrity challenged, elected representatives to be anemic economic slaves. The DNC, RNC, mass media, publishing houses, universities and government organizations have all devolved over time into a Council On Foreign Relations (CFR), ONE PARTY RULE, financial oligarchy. There is no conspiracy here. It is conditioning as a fact of public life and activity. We are degenerating, by VOTER choice and apathy, into an intentional restructuring of American society into three classes consisting of the FINANCIAL ELITE, THE RULING CLASS DRONES and THE SLAVES.

If we are honest with ourselves, what I just claimed is not factually arguable. The question is “what are we going to do about it”?


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3 responses to “09-05-2010: Conditioned American Slavery

  1. warpmine

    In the time of Julius Caesar, the Senate decided that he asked for to much power and they knew immediately that he had to go one way or another. Sacrifices were made, Caesar was murdered, and the rest is history.

    We have or correctly thought assumed or whatever, supposedly have laws that protected all from this sort of power usurpation but when all collude to side step these laws, We the People need to step up and violently take it back.

    We have a president that is ineligible for the office, he and everyone around him know this to be true and not one judge civilian or military will step up and say so. We have a Congress that’s more than willing to give this executive unbridled power abdicating responsibilities for oversights of the executive and judicial branches of the government. What’s left to do? Elections are going to take years to reclaim the government in a slow and arduous process because the CFR cronies will not be told they need st down for the good of all the Republic. We have the Fed Reserve and all connected with it conspiring to enslave us all under one world governance as you say. Once again I ask, what is to be done? We both know they need to be jailed or executed for their crimes but how can we accomplish this without a physical revolt. Most of the population will continue to feed this gargantuan beast by paying the progressive income tax ’cause they’re scared sh!tless of the state throwing them in prison. If any of us stand up and advocate a revolt of this tax we will be jailed for conspiracy.
    Americans are simply to mushy to stand against the monstrosity that is the Federal Government.

    It took twenty plus years for our Founding Father’s to liberate themselves from this sort of tyranny, I ponder can we wait this long, can we tolerate it that much that we simply yawn and say to one another, “what can we do.”

    We know in our hearts that the sheeple will do nothing but protest which will bring zero changes to the status quo. The only way is to starve the beast which means an underground economy is the way to go. Pay for everything in cash. Never use your social security number to be identified. Keep your children from obtaining one. In today’s credit environment, credit is impossible to obtain anyway and besides it just helps international banking anyway. Barter if you can, force people to pay you in increments of precious metals, gold, silver, platinum etc. Above all else, convert any paper currency to precious metals and store in your safe. Live within your means, stay off the government’s radar. Plan on this process taking a long time to produce fruit or take up violence today. Pray to God for guidance and safety.

  2. thekolinskichronicle

    I agree with your “starve the beast” strategy completely. My family has already started as best it can.

    I believe we will experience an economic crash within the next 24 months. This is horrible, but it is inevitable and is more importantly A HUGE OPPORTUNITY” for Americans to clean house.

    Maybe a little prayer will help us get it right and complete the Revolution begun in 1776.


    • warpmine

      I certainly hope so! The hardest item to tackle even if this Congress is swept out is convince the new one that it is in our best interest to reverse everything back to where it was two centuries earlier where the people had unfettered freedom to create and in most cases to be left alone from government interference.

      Anyway, may the Lord Bless you and yours.

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