09-12-2010: The Federal Reserve Banksters Ate Our Jobs and Our Wallets

The primary economic issue lying before the American people in 2010 is not a choice between Democrat or Republican. Our choice is between “we the people” and “Corrupt Government” as our “Corrupt Government” now stands arrogantly in the way of “Self Government” by and for the people.

More than 75% of all job creation in the United States occurs within small entrepreneurial businesses. How much of the several TARP bail outs and so-called Federal stimulus money was spent to benefit real small business growth in the U.S.? Easy answer. None! The hundreds of billions of our dollars now spent or promised have gone to special interest insiders, mostly international central banks and interconnected insurance companies; with the remainder sucked up by Federal government sponsored monopolies such as labor unions, Government Motors and Chrysler – which are now tax payer funded labor union slush funds; or Democrat special projects used to buy patronage votes. Not one thin dime of stimulus in sight and our money is gone.

The privately owned Federal Reserve Bank, through its Council On Foreign Relations (CFR) influence in developing various international treaties and agreements such as GATT, NAFTA, etc., has been DE-INDUSTRIALIZING the United States since the 1980’s under Reagan. The once proud U.S. manufacturing base, energy base and skilled labor force has been demolished and shipped overseas – forever. At the same time our U.S. currency has been inflated as thin air, fiat money by the Federal Reserve Bank owner’s to the point where the U.S. cost of living is no longer sustainable in head to head competition within world markets. This means the jobs shipped overseas are not coming back no matter how much Barack Obama and his Congress “feel our pain” and no matter how many times they lie to us. We’re on our own folks! We have to fix this!

The private owners of the Federal Reserve Bank have also been using their well orchestrated economic crash of 2008 to take over the assets of more than 900 small, independent community banks across the country and are busy destroying what little remains of our small independent farmers. Both the independent community banks and the small farmers are being butchered and taken over for pennies on the dollar by international, Federal government sponsored monopolies – all on the gullible American tax payer’s dime.

Of course you’re laughing at me, but perhaps we might look at an example or two, or three. I maintain in my layman’s economic ignorance, in the face of good common horse sense – I used to raise horses – that there are effective solutions available for righting our economy without spending nary a Federal government dime. I also maintain the private owners of the Federal Reserve System will not allow government consideration of any of these solutions. The only economic solutions the Federal Reserve allows and their Federal government pawns consider are solutions paying interest to the private owners of the Federal Reserve Banks or to other interconnected, privately owned international central banks.

TKC Solution No. 1: Declare a Federal payroll tax holiday for all or part of the payroll tax deduction subtracted from every worker’s pay check. This money will immediately flow into the economy and into savings accounts across the country. We cannot consider this of course because Solution No. 1 will not generate any interest payments to the Federal Reserve Bank owners.

TKC Solution No. 2: Lower the Federal corporate tax rate to 10% and reduce the capital gains tax to 5%. This is not possible because it generates no interest revenue for the Federal Reserve Bank owners. They and their “insider friends” also would not benefit from the corporate or capital gains tax reduction because their heavily sheltered, international monopolies don’t pay taxes anyway.

TKC Solution No. 3: Declare a brief moratorium on taxes and penalties to be paid for bringing sheltered monies held outside the U.S. into the U.S. – no questions asked. Some say this amounts to more than $12 trillion dollars, a substantial portion of which would immediately be invested in the U.S. This TKC Solution would benefit Federal Reserve insiders, but does not fit The Bilderberg plan for the DE-INDUSTRIALIZATION of the U.S. and also does not generate “hidden” long term interest payments to the owner’s of the Federal Reserve Bank.

I suppose we could all go on with more ideas that might invigorate economic growth at very little cost and with no borrowing or resultant interest payments to the owner’s of the Federal Reserve Bank. It would be a pointless exercise, however, because our President, House of Representatives and U.S. Senate no longer represent “we the people”. They are “educated” and taught to reason and think within the pseudo-world of interconnected think tanks, foundations, study groups and organizations all of which are seeded by the same thought conformance growers appointed by the CFR and affiliated groups. The well has been poisoned and the only way to regain holistic health is to gain nourishment from a different source.

What is the other side of this two-tailed coin?

Federal Government Solutions No. 1 through Infinity: Borrow money; print money; in all cases spend the money and if possible spend it with insider monopolies. That’s it! That is the only solution. Every idea, every answer our Federal government comes up with is a variation of this same plan.

When our Federal government borrows money to spend in Indonesia, Brazil, Russia, Mexico or God help us in America; every dollar borrowed pays interest to the families who own the Federal Reserve Banks. That’s why they borrow it. This is what government run health care, financial reform, energy reform, etc. are all about. They all require deficit spending at the green mine of the very private, no risk, Federal Reserve Bank vaults.

When our Federal government through the U.S. Treasury requests that U.S. dollars be printed and issued by the Federal Reserve Bank; every dollar printed is a loan to the U.S. government and collects interest paid to the private owner’s of the Federal Reserve Banks. This is why our currency carries the label “Federal Reserve Note”. It is not currency; it is a fiat money loan. The loan is paid back by our Federal taxes. This is why Constitutional Amendment 16 establishing the Federal Income Tax was passed. The Federal Reserve Banks held no monopoly value for the private owner’s without direct access to our tax payer dollars. In polite circles this is referred to as a scam. The Banksters call it “free money with zero risk”.

There is no real money; no reserve; no gold; no silver standing behind the U.S. dollar in your wallet or purse. Just thin air and a keyboard entry in a computer. You might claim that electrons stand behind the U.S. dollar. Thin air plus the cost of printing and issuance are the only costs associated with producing U.S. dollars yet the privately owned Federal Reserve families collect untold billions in interest for their trouble printing. It’s kind of like Kinko’s on steroids only much less risky and much more profitable. To add insult to injury they also orchestrate the ups and downs of our economy, so they and their insider associates can maximize profit with little risk. I believe “buy low, sell high” is the preferred insider trading adage; or for the more sophisticated, “sell long and buy short”. Either way there is no shortage of insider revenue with which to instigate and fund wars around the globe, from which more money can be borrowed, taxed and interest paid by financing both or all sides of the conflict, not to mention the magnificent military / industrial profits earned.

The Federal Reserve Bank is a scam. The largest financial scam in world history as a matter of fact. I wouldn’t care about the theft so much; but when these pigs start stealing my freedom to make the theft of my money easier; I start thinking – don’t get mad; get even.

Three things we might think about as citizens. First, stop using credit to the maximum extent possible. The hell with money; barter for what you can. Pay as you go! Many small business survivors are doing this in Phoenix and it helps everybody but the banks. Secondly, consider demanding that elected Federal officials who openly and criminally support “special insider interests” instead of “we the people’s ” interests start doing jail time for corruption or possibly treason in many cases; if found guilty, of course. Thirdly, if the money our Federal government unconstitutionally borrows comes from nothing – why should we feel obligated to pay the extortion fees back at all? Perhaps while on their way to prison, the criminal families who own the Federal Reserve Banks are the folks who need to be paying back our national debt? Not us! They tricked and coerced our ignorant, over paid Federal government officials to borrow it; they can pay it back.

Perhaps then, “we the people” might consider dropping the “war crimes” charges these families are guilty of?



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2 responses to “09-12-2010: The Federal Reserve Banksters Ate Our Jobs and Our Wallets

  1. warpmine

    “Thirdly, if the money our Federal government unconstitutionally borrows comes from nothing – why should we feel obligated to pay the extortion fees back at all?”

    Exactly my thoughts. It’s not as if any of that borrowed money benefited anyone but themselves. While we at it tell China to F-off. Never loan money to someone that can’t pay it back and well the US government ain’t ever going to pay it back. Besides as you stated it was unconstitutional spending therefore, we’re not obligated to pay it back. Will the world banks fail? maybe but one thing is for sure, those that control those banks will never be poor unless we throw them in them clink.

    I’ve dreamed of hiring a hit squad to rid the world of the globalist banking tyranny for a long time. Dare to dream.

    On a positive note, how in hell can we revert back to real money. Let’s face it the fiat make believe reserve note is 400 times less in value than what gold and silver should be. Platinum should be included in this “real” money as well. I mean at what value can we place bread or fuel when exchanged for precious metal currency?

    • thekolinskichronicle

      I’m not smart enough to know, but what we’re doing now doesn’t work. Our coming collapse is actually an opportunity to start over and get it right.

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