09-13-2010: The Weekly Five

Published Every Monday:

The Kolinski Chronicle’s Weekly Five:

Democrat politicians are brilliant liars!

Republican politicians are insipid dolts!

The Democrat Party is a driverless race car with the steering wheel welded to the left turn signal on a track having all right turns!

The Republican Party is a wheel chock. When the folks get sick of the Dem’s, they elect Republicans to whine and cry about the Constitution while they make sure the wheel doesn’t roll back to the right!

The DNC and the RNC are a Federal Reserve coin with tails on both sides. No matter how many times you toss it, you lose!



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2 responses to “09-13-2010: The Weekly Five

  1. George Sellman

    Just this one time I hope your wrong old pal. If the republicans fail us this time we are all screwed. Not sure it isn’t to late already.

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