Editor’s Note

The Kolinski Chronicle (TKC) views and opinions are not for sale. The Kolinski Chronicle has no advertisers, no paid subscriptions and no income. There is no possible conflict of financial interest here, though TKC is openly biased toward individual liberty. TKC shares truth as it finds it and to the best of its ability. This site represents pure free market capitalism in barter form. This site barters freely for ideas and the exchange of ideas. Please feel free to comment, agree or disagree, but don’t be confused by the language; FREEDOM IS NEVER FREE. Also, should you find anything of value here, please feel free to copy, borrow or plagiarize to your heart’s content.

The Kolinski Chronicle supports our Divine Creator to the best of its imperfect ability.

The Kolinski Chronicle supports Dr. Michael Savage 110%. If you want the undiluted version of current event analysis check out the Savage Nation while our broken, treasonous Federal government still allows it to exist.

The Kolinski Chronicle supports Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County 125%. Corrupt, putrescent, political hack Eric Holder and his criminal, U.S. Department of Injustice can go back to his sewer hole in Brooklyn any time (no offense to the good people of Brooklyn by the way – we all have sewers with slime in them). Sooner would be better. Do your job punk; and leave our Sheriff alone!

“Happiness is not getting what you want; it’s wanting what you have.” {The Zen Trucker}

People have asked, “why the two “G’s”, George Washington and Geronimo”?
I, as well as others, consider George Washington to be the Father of America. I have personally adopted Geronimo as America’s spiritual Grandfather. Both fought valiantly on this continent for the freedom of their people. Washington won the impossible battle against Britain, but we still fight the insidious war against the Bank of England just as he would continue to do. Geronimo lost his people’s desperate battle, yet still fought to be the best he could be. Imprisoned on the reservation where he died in captivity, he became an amazingly successful farmer. This picture of Geronimo, a gift from my family, sits above my writing desk where it will remain until I’m finished, as tribute to one man’s living demonstration that we can be beaten, but no one can take our freedom.


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